Ade Irvansyah

Runner Up II Outstanding Administration Manager in IPB 2019

Title of work:

Scientific Journals Management Website/Online based System Building


Scientific Journals Management Website/Online based  becomes good step for IPB, and to complete integrated information system between Education, Research, and Community Dedication, and make students and lecturers become active to look for and choose qualified journals.


as the real time and online  connected bank data that suits with IPB 4.0 vision and mission.


This work can increase administration management effectiveness and efficiency IPB scientific journals, to have well and organized data and make management easy to make a decision about student academic, supervision, lecturer promotion, etc.

Yuniarti Yusuf, SE

3rd Winner in Archives Category, Outstanding Academic Staff of IPB Level Year 2019

Creative Work:

Archive Management to Ease File Searching


Archive management process includes archive creation, storing, and annihilation


  • Archive is classified based on the letter code which has been determined by IPB, then the letters are arranged based on the letter number, month, and year, so it can ease the process of searching when needed.
  • Archive is stored digitally in folders


  • 3rd Winner in Outstanding Unit Financial Management Category of IPB Level Year 2016


Lindawati, S.I. Pust

Lidawati, S.I. Pust

High-achieving Librarian

Work Title:

Role of Archivists in Implementing ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management in IPB Library


Archivists have the responsibility to all documents and to ensure that all the documents are stored in the correct location which can be easily reached. Archivists have to ensure that all components in an organization follow the procedure. The role of archivists is very necessary in each process of SMM ISO implementation until the certification.


  • Duties and Responsibilities of an Archivist
  • Quality Management System Documentation in Libraries
  • Benefits of ISO Quality Management System Documentation
  • Storage of ISO Quality Management System


Documentation is a requirement of ISO 9001:2015 standard, which means that quality management documentation functions as a guideline for all stakeholders in a library.

  • In implementing quality management system, a library must show a prove of the implementation, so that the documentation, which in ISO 9001:2015 mentioned as Documented Information, can be included as the process implementation result record. The record is an objective prove that the quality management system has been implemented effectively.
  • ISO 9001:2015 implementation also functions as a practice material for staffs, including new librarians who have to understand the processes which will be their responsibilities.
  • ISO 9001:2015 documentation can be a report and evaluation documents for university higher-ups.


ISO 9001:2015 quality management system (SMM) implementation essentially has the principal of ‘write what you did and do what you wrote’. This principle translates that every process in SMM ISO management has to be documented well, effectively, and efficiently. Documented information is also one of the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 SMM. Besides that, documented information is also a proof that the quality management system has been effectively and continuously implemented. An archivist plays a big role in ISO SMM implementation, from the first step of documents preparation, socialization, internal audit, management surveillance, until external audit. Because of that, an archivist has to be aware of every document used for SMM ISO implementation, and archive it well so they can be searched and browsed easily, effectively, and efficiently.

Awards achieved:

  • Third winner of High-Achieving Librarian of IPB 2019
  • First winner of High-Achieving Librarian of IPB 2019

Susi Permatasari

2nd Place in 2019 Academic Administration with Achievement

Title of Work

Work More Efficiently by Using a WEB Based Application System

Case study: Registration of OSIS Chair Paths


The Directorate of Education Administration and New Student Admissions designed the concept of online OSIS Chairperson registration in the form of a Web-Based Application System is one way to work more efficiently and effectively.

Advantages of Web-Based Applications:

  • The application can be accessed anytime and anywhere
  • The efficiency of human resources and time
  • More data collected
  • Facilitate the leadership in making decisions


Fery Siswadi, SE.MM

Outstanding Librarian

Innovation :

Pathfinder with Subjectplus

This Pathfinder is a means to provide information about resources that can be accessed by library visitors on a particular subject. This portal is not a comprehensive guide, but rather a list of selective resources that are most useful in finding information needed on a particular subject. This portal allows users to access information resources available in libraries such as books, e-books, magazines, electronic journals, subscription databases, Open Access Educational Resources (OERs), learning technology resources, library catalogs, and others.

In addition to library users, Pathfinder can be used as a means of repackaging information for librarians. Librarians can collaborate to fill in some information in accordance with the mastery of their respective subjects. Librarians of all levels of positions can repackage information.


  • Users can easily find specific information in the library's collections and collections that are subscribed by the library
  • Means of socialization for novice users about collections and facilities in the library
  • Providing information related to institutional and faculty accreditation
  • Means for librarians in collecting credit numbers
  • Being able to serve visitors for 24 hours

Achievements :

  • Finalist of the 2011 IPB Outstanding Librarian
  • Rank II of the 2016 IPB Outstanding  Librarian
  • Rank II of the 2019 Outstanding Librarian

Division Innovation Works :

  • Division of Processing: Creating a simple application by combining Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Winisis
  • Sub Division of Data, Systems, and Networks Management: Creating a simple application using Visual Basic with Microsoft Access Database (2015), this application was used for library material inventory activity in 2015

Publication Works :

  • How to quickly create a Book Label using Mailing Merge in Microsoft Word, Indonesian Librarian Journal / Jurnal Pustakawan Indonesia (JPI Vol. 11 No. 2, 2012)
  • ElibISIS (, Indonesian Librarian Journal / Jurnal Pustakawan Indonesia (JPI Vol. 11 No. 2, 2012)

Current job assignments :

  • Administrator for Automation System and Library Network System
  • IT Supporting for Services and Processing Division
  • Library Database Manager
  • Library Material Processing Activities

Expertise :

Microsoft Office, Library Management Information System