Himagizi, Dedication and the Creation of Independent Women

The Association of Community Nutrition Students (Himagizi), IPB University is conducting a community service by developing local food in Benteng Village, Bogor. The purpose of this activity is to help diversify food in the Bateng area, Dramaga. "The activity consists of developing products with cassava-based ingredients, because in the village many cassava plants are grown. We also provide facilities to process them. We carry out this program together with The Dompet Dhuafa Community,"said Nisvi Suciati Dewi, Chair of Himagizi. Himagizi is the professional association of Community Nutrition Students, Faculty of Human Ecology, IPB University.

As an active organization, Himagizi has several excellent activities. As explained by Nisvi Suciati, her superior program consisted of Nutrition Fair and Nutri-Action. Nutrition fair is a series of activities carried out each year consisting of NIACIN (National Seminar), PROLIN (Sports Competition), NDC (High School Debate Competition), CREATIN (Infographic Competition), and CRISPY (General Cooking Competition). "While Nutri-Action is a community service program, where we teach elementary school students,"she said.

Every human being is born as a leader, and by becoming the head of a student organization (Ormawa), is a way to develop capabilities and soft skills. "Hopefully, all the knowledge I can get can be applied in the post-campus environment later. Himagizi is a platform for community nutrition students to improve their soft skills and capabilities outside the academic field. Because post-campus environment needs human resources with developed soft skills, not just hard skills, "she explained.

Through hard work and goodwill, Himagizi had reached several achievements. One of them is becoming the overall champion in the 2019 IPB Seruni activities. "Himagizi also succeeded in becoming a student organization with the best community service programs in IPB University, at the IPB PAPRESI 2019 student appreciation week event. Other than that, we are also involved in the Indonesian Ministry of Health projects, "she said.

In addition, Nisvi Suciati also explained about the uniqueness of Himagizi. "The interesting side of Himagizi is good time management among our members, for example in every meeting we always pay attention to the curfew, during exam weeks we do not carry out organizational activities and of course we do not depend on men to carry out our activities. In fact, our administrators and members are mostly women. So yes girl power!"he emphasized.(IAAS/FAP)


Published Date : 27-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Nisvi Suciati Dewi

Keyword : Dosen IPB, Himpunan Mahasiswa Gizi