Crebs, A Fun Place to Learn Biochemistry on IPB University

Crebs (Comunity of Research and Education in Biochemistry) is  student professional associations Biochemistry Department, Mathemathic and natural science faculty, IPB University. Aziz Syamsul Huda as a  Crebs chairman said that Crebs help theirs members to deep understand about biochemistry, because Crebs attempted to develop professionalism and knowledge the members.

"Not only about academic but also Crebs help theirs members to distribute talent and potency outside academic too and connecting student biochemistry to serve the community”, said Aziz.

Aziz explain his purpose become Crebs chairman is to directly contribute help his friends on deprtment. This is the second time Aziz become Crebs chairman. Aziz feel be liable to fixed shortages in the past year.

“Biochemistry  IPB University is the one and only undergraduate study program biochemistry in Indonesia,so this student professional associations is the only one there is. That’s why we must determine our own steps.My mission is create Crebs as a facilitator that innovative, applicative and directed. And together bring Crebs become the one  best student professional associations in IPB University”, said Aziz.

Many program Crebs that become an annual agenda. Example in academic field Crebs create tutor for their members, Biochemistry Saintific Forum Get Closser to Biochemistry and Industrial Visit for open mind members about application biochemistry on industry. For fields outside academics, Crebs create Coaching Clinic on sport and art activity.

"We educate community too about phenomenon that occur in everyday from biochemistry viewpoint through our vlog the name is Biochemistry. Example "drinking coffee".  So what happen on our body when drinking coffee. There are also about fasting that discussed about body metabolism if we are fasting “, his said. This man from Ciamis  explain there are two programs which is super in Crebs. First program is CREBs on Action. Aziz invite his biochemistry friends to serve the community around campus.

"We are together with Cibitung Tengah villagers processing organic waste and non organic. The result of inorganik waste made handicraft or described with maggot . Other than that organic waste processing result fertilizer. Accidental in there is farming center. So the hopes besides reducing waste we help too reducing farming cost through the fertilizer. The next program is UBIQUINON (Using Biochemistry to Inspect an Unique Phenomenon). A scientific paper competition and national biochemical seminars about current issue in biochemistry field. 

“ Through the village development program, Crebs managed to get  Program Hibah Bina Desa (PHBD) from directorate general of higher education ministry of education and culture. Other achievements  that get Crebs is the champion BEM Keluarga Mahasiswa (KM) IPB University workshop work program presentation category. Besides that the members there are five team Program Kreativitas Mahasiwa (PKM) from biochemistry that get away Pimnas 2019 and several team contributed a medal for IPB University. Many (members) that success get a medal in other national competition”,said aziz.

Though several courses biochemistry so hard but Aziz and his friends still can join organitation and serve the community. The unique is to determine the name of cabinet and the logo  must reference with journal or current book. Example Epinephrine that become the name of cabinet, taken from the name of hormone that can stimulate glucose formation for produce energy. "The hope like the name of cabinet in this years,we can stimulate spirit caretaker and members so that it is able to be energic student professional associations,"his said. (IAAS/NAS)


Keyword: Crebs, Biochemistry student, Mathematic and natural science faculty, IPB University, IPB student


Published Date : 09-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Aziz Syamsul Huda

Keyword : Crebs, Biochemistry student, Mathematic and natural science faculty, IPB University, IPB student