Dr Endang Warsiki Discusses Smart and Modern Packaging Trends and Innovations at the International Webinar Agroindustrial Engineering Talk

The development of packaging technology in the modern era is increasingly sophisticated. Previously, packaging was only used to maintain product freshness, now it is being developed more intelligently. Consumers can find important information related to product quality in real time only through the packaging.

Prof Endang Warsiki, IPB University lecturer from the Department of Industrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology (Fateta) reviewed the role of smart and active packaging in quality assurance for packaged products.

“Maintaining product quality and safety is one of the functions of packaging in the modern era. Packaging must be able to inform the quality and suitability of the product for consumption," explained in the International Webinar Agroindustrial Engineering Talk entitled 'Trend and Innovation Packaging in Modern Society'.

He said, the active packaging system can guarantee longer-lasting product quality so that freshness is maintained in the hands of consumers.

"Smart packaging based on colorimetric indicators can guarantee consumers with quality control of packaged products through sensors or quality indicators," he continued.

The Agroindustrial Engineering Talk webinar is an event held by the Directorate of Research and Innovation (DRI) IPB University and the Department of Industrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology (Fateta).

"This topic was taken so that we can discuss the development of packaging and its technology in the last few decades and the potential trends in the future," said Prof Ono Suparno, Head of the Department of Industrial Technology, Fateta IPB University.

This activity is also an effort to strengthen collaboration between universities globally and increase public insight regarding the development of packaging.

"We hope that this activity can also increase international collaboration between IPB University and foreign universities and increase the number of publications related to engineering," said the Director of Research and Innovation of IPB University, Prof Sugeng Heri Suseno.

The resource person who also attended was Dr Sid Hanna Saleh from the Department of Engineering, Design and Society, Colorado School of Mines discussing the relationship between innovation and aspects of sustainability. Furthermore, Asc Prof Nathdanai Harnkarnsujarit from the Faculty of Agro-industry, Kasetsart University was present to discuss the latest research and application of biodegradable packaging in agricultural products. (MW/Rz) (IAAS/BKU)

Published Date : 26-May-2023

Resource Person : Prof Endang Warsiki, Prof Ono Suparno, Prof Sugeng Heri Suseno.

Keyword : IPB University, International Webinar Agroindustrial Engineering Talk, engineering, agro-industry, modern packaging innovation