Professor of IPB University: Indonesia Has Many Types of Birds, But They are Rare

The Indonesian nation is blessed with a high wealth of bird species (1,818 bird species). Potentially, the richness or diversity of bird species can provide benefits for human life.
“My research in several areas, there are many types of birds in Indonesia, but the species are rare. If it is disturbed a little bit (habitat or poaching) it will become extinct," said Prof. Jarwadi Budi Hernowo, Professor of the Faculty of Forestry and Environment of IPB University in the Press Conference of the Professor's Pre-Scientific Oration, (15/9).
According to him, the benefits of these bird species must be felt, continue to be studied, explored and developed for the welfare of the Indonesian people while maintaining their sustainability. But in reality, the life of birds is pressed and even worried due to human activities.

In order for humans to want to conserve birds, he continued, humans must feel the benefits of the existence of birds. So that awareness arises in humans to want to care about bird life. And in the end, conservation of bird species is a necessity.

During his service at IPB University, Prof. Jawardi focused on observing, paying attention, feeling and researching birds. On this occasion, he conveyed his thoughts entitled "Conservation of Birds for Human Life".

“The topic of discussion about birds that underlies the contribution of bird conservation ideas comes from my research and publications with guidance students and colleagues. Namely related to the ecology and biology of bird species, bird species populations, bird species habitats, bird species diversity, bird species behavior, bird species breeding, bird trade, bird species release, disturbance by and against birds, bird ecotourism, ethno-ornithology and bird conservation. ," he said.

In principle, he continued, bird conservation is to invite humans to coexist with birds. If you can even get mutual benefit and luck.

According to him, what needs to be considered in conserving birds is that the benefits of birds for humans must be felt by humans. So that humans care about bird life. The second is that humans must be willing to share their lives with birds. However fellow creatures of God, humans must respect the rights of birds to live. And lastly, in using birds, you must pay attention to the preservation of birds.
"My hope is that bird conservation for human life will become a real movement, be cultured, and applied in real everyday life," he said. (Zul)

Published Date : 15-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Prof Jarwadi Budi Hernowo

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