Prof Ahmad Sulaeman: Superfoods and Changes in Community Paradigm towards Food

Increasing disease accompanied by the slow spread of COVID-19 provides a change in attitude in disease prevention and a healthy lifestyle. This can be started with a healthy diet by consuming functional foods, superfoods, and supplements that are preferred over drugs.

Prof Ahmad Sulaeman, Professor of Food Safety at IPB University, explained a change in the community's paradigm towards food. This paradigm shift has made people look for foods that are considered healthy, which later developed a new term, namely superfood.

He further explained that although there is no single food that can meet all nutritional needs, there are types of foods containing high amounts of nutrients or phytochemical components. Not only that, but some types of these foods are also diverse based on empirical studies that contribute or are beneficial to health.

"Superfoods allow us to get nutrition by eating less. When we consider adding a new food to our menu, we must ensure that we maintain a balanced nutritional diet free of toxins that can cause inflammation in our bodies," added Prof Ahmad, a lecturer at IPB University who has won three international awards from The International College. of Nutrition.

Prof. Ahmad also explained several superfoods in the Qur'an. The superfoods in question include bananas, bee products, pumpkin, figs (figs), dates, olives, and pomegranates.

As for scientific studies on foods that are classified as superfoods, Prof Ahmad said that among them are propolis, coconut water, sago, galohgor, tempeh, and dragon fruit.

"The addition of foods that are claimed to be superfoods in a balanced nutritional diet still needs to be accompanied by regular exercise, so that it can help improve wellbeing and public health," added Prof Ahmad.

The IPB University lecturer from the Department of Community Nutrition emphasized that so that consumers do not mislead and are not harmed, clearer regulations and standards are needed regarding foods that are claimed or labelled as superfoods. This includes the obligation to provide valid scientific evidence support for health claims submitted. (*/RA) (IAAS/MFR)

Published Date : 11-Nov-2021

Resource Person : Prof Ahmad Sulaeman

Keyword : Superfood, Prof Ahmad, Nutrition, balanced nutrition, public health