Realizing Family Resilience, Prof Euis Sunarti Encourages More Family-Friendly Work

The rise of family problems, especially in the midst of a pandemic, one of which can be caused by economic factors. Starting from difficult work to decreasing income. Prof Euis Sunarti, Professor of IPB University from the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Faculty of Human Ecology with a special field of Family Resilience, in her interview expressed her ideas that could be an effort to realize family resilience.

“My Great Teacher's Oration Book in 2015 entitled ‘Family Resilience: From Policy and Research to Action’, describes a series of family-related research that I have conducted for 17 years. This research has generated important policy recommendations for parties involved in family development. That is the importance of developing territories and encouraging family-friendly work," she explained.

What is meant by Prof Euis by the development of Family-Friendly Areas is the development efforts carried out by various parties in various fields, since the establishment of policies and programs, planning and implementation takes into account the family. Its development also makes an area have a high natural carrying capacity and environmental capacity as well as infrastructure facilities that allow families to obtain prosperous livelihoods and increase family resilience. Meanwhile, what is meant by family-friendly work is the activity of making a living, as a family economic function, which still allows the family to continue to fulfill other family functions.

In her explanation, Prof Euis explained that in developing family-friendly areas it could include provinces, districts, sub-districts, as well as entire/villages. The goal is that the family structure can feel at home to live, in a condition where the source of income is not far away, access to work that does not need to deal with traffic jams.

"The ineffectiveness of working time accompanied by traffic jams indirectly affects the function of caring for children, the function of love, the function of education and the function of protection being neglected. This is because the head of the family or even husband and wife work full time for one function, namely the economic function and the other functions tend to be neglected," she said.

Prof Euis' idea is the result of a meta-analysis on how to generate ideal policies for families to survive. "It turns out that the existence of this pandemic, as something we don't like, something we don't want, also brings various nationalities, life disturbances. From here there is another lesson, which I discussed in my book entitled Family Resilience in the Age of COVID. -19 printed by IPB Press," added Prof Euis.

The lesson is that there are many family-friendly jobs, namely jobs that do not spend all of the family's time working for a living. The breadwinner or the head of the family still has sufficient time left over for the education function, the socialization function, the contribution function in society and so on. Examples include webinars from home and meetings from home. Thus, according to Prof Euis, the mindset that must be changed at this time is that work does not always have to be in the office. (SMH / Zul) (IAAS/SYA)

Published Date : 02-Apr-2021

Resource Person : Prof Dr Euis Sunarti

Keyword : IPB University, Fema, Family Resilience, Family Science and IPB Consumers