Prof. Harini Muntasib Gave Safe Travel Tips on Eid Holiday

Prof. Harini Muntasib, Professor of IPB University from Department of Forest Resources Conservation and Ecotourism, Faculty of Forestry and Environment said Eid holiday is a time when families gather after a month of fasting Ramadhan and then close with Eid prayers.

Since 50 years ago, after the Eid prayers, all houses of the parents or those who are considered elders will be visited by the youngest relatives. Everyone said greetings and friendship, apologized to each other. The meaning of the holiday is so thick that it is full of gratitude after fasting for a whole month closed with Eid. In addition to gathering with relatives, Eid holiday time is also usually used for tourism activities with family.

Prof. Harini said, currently, tours for families on holidays such as the Eid holiday have become a necessity for most families in Indonesia. The COVID-19 pandemic is a major obstacle because many families cannot take safe tours to avoid COVID-19.

For this reason, Prof. Harini gave some tips for safe travel during a pandemic. In addition to applying the 5M (wearing masks, maintaining distance, washing hands, staying away from crowds and limiting mobilization and interaction), we can look for safe travel alternatives for families on holidays.

“Look for tourist locations that are not crowded. It needs to start with a survey, especially those located not too far from home, because we need to reduce mobility. You can determine the location in a garden, rice field, or on the side of a river with good views, so that it can be used for tourism. You can also ask if the location is allowed for camping. So if you have found a good location and beautiful scenery, then plan activities at that location with your family. Can make an interesting game so it is not boring. Don't forget that food and drinks are also brought from home and all families are also invited to go on vacation”, she said.

Traveling at home can also be an option. There are various ways to be able to do recreation at home. For example, who still have pages. You can design for yard camping. For those who have small children, this activity is a kind of playing together can be an option. However, parents must be really serious about preparing camping equipment such as mattresses, pillows, food, and drinks.

"Safe travel during Eid holidays is that we stick to Health Protocols and the main thing is to avoid crowds. So it is’nt advisable to go in groups or have meetings with many people. Second, if you are going to eat at a restaurant, choose one that is open and there is distance from other customers. For those who drive, it is hoped that there will be some distance in the car and always use a mask, double clothes, use gloves or every time you hold something, it is cleaned with a hand sanitizer that contains 70 percent alcohol”, she closed.

Happy safe Eid holiday! (Awl/Zul)

Published Date : 21-Apr-2021

Resource Person : Prof Harini Muntasib

Keyword : IPB University, Prof. Harini Muntasih, Safe Travel, Eid Holiday