Prof Ronny Rachman Noor: The Important Role of Breeder in Producing Healthy Low Cholesterol Meat

Prof Ronny Rachman Noor, Professor of IPB University from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry (Fapet) said that meat is a nutritious food ingredient and is indispensable for body growth and development.  Meat is rich in nutritional content, such as high protein content with complete amino acids.  In addition, meat also contains micronutrients and also contains vitamin B complex which is essential for health.

"Besides having high benefits, meat can also be bad for health, especially if saturated fatty acids (SFA) meat is consumed in excess because it is directly related to increased cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein levels (LDL) which will increase cholesterol levels.  and the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer," he said.

He explained that the saturated fatty acids in beef generally contain myristic (C14: 0), palmitic (C16: 0) and stearic (C18: 0) acids.

Based on the results of research on myristic acid (C14: 0), if the consumption exceeds the threshold, the increase in serum cholesterol is six times higher than that of palmitic acid (C16: 0).

"Fatty acids are one of the components that really determine the quality of beef because they affect the aroma and taste so that it makes the meat popular with the public. But on the other hand, fatty acids can also have a negative impact on health if consumed in excess," he said.

The impact of consuming excessive saturated fat is a concern for some people, so avoid consuming meat.  Saturated beef fat, which is generally on the outside of the layer of meat (inter-muscular fat), can be easily reduced before the meat is cooked.  However, this is not the case with intramuscular fat, which is one of the most difficult meat fibers to reduce.

Furthermore, he said, this genetic diversity certainly raises the hope that with high genetic variation, breeders can select to produce types of cows with better meat fatty acid quality.

"For example, meat from the Bos Indicus fire nation, such as Brahman, Zebu, Ongole, Nalore and also Bali cattle, is nutritionally healthier because of its lower cholesterol content. The fatty acid content is also higher when compared to Bos beef.  Taurus like Limousine, Simmental, Belgian Blue and Angus," he explained. (* / Awl / Zul)

Published Date : 09-Mar-2021

Resource Person : Prof Dr Ir Ronny Rachman Noor

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