IPB University Fisheries Experts Train Thousand Islands Residents to Breed Grouper Fish

The Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) and Prodi Technology for Production and Management of Aquaculture (TPMPB), Vocational School of IPB University recently provided training and mentoring for grouper fish cultivation on Kelapa Dua Island, Kepulauan Seribu.

"In the future, the grouper aquaculture agribusiness system in the Thousand Islands will not only be enlargement and hatchery business. But also a nursery business. It can even be divided into several segments such as nursery I, nursery II and so on, which in turn will strengthen grouper agribusiness. Nursery development in Kepulauan Seribu Regency is expected to be able to grow new businesses and entrepreneurs so as to increase regional economic activities based on regional natural resources, as well as strengthen the agribusiness foundation of marine aquaculture, "said Dr. Irzal Effendi, a lecturer at IPB University from the Department of Aquaculture.

According to him, this activity is part of the implementation of research on regional superior product development programs with the title "Grouper Nursery Development in Communities in the Context of Strengthening Regional Leading Commodities". The goal is to create new businesses in the community, namely grouper nurseries that can increase employment, community income and the regional economy. In addition, this activity can strengthen grouper agribusiness as a regional superior commodity.

The field assistant for the Seribu Islands Food, Marine and Agricultural Security Service (KPKP), Mustafa, said that he would continue to support activities that were community empowerment and thanked the IPB University team who had helped improve the capacity and capacity of the people of Kelapa Dua Island and hoped that the activities this can be a problem solution for grouper farmers on Kelapa Dua Island. (Iaas / Nas)



Published Date : 18-Aug-2020

Resource Person : Dr Irzal Effendi

Keyword : Grouper Fish, Department of Aquaculture IPB, FPIK IPB, IPB lecturers, grouper nursery, thousand island fisheries