IPB Researcher: Have Breakfast in order not to have Stress in the Workplace Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Breakfast or eating in the morning for some people is often overlooked. However, the morning is a situation where people in general will start doing all his daily activities, such as working, studying, taking care of the household, and so forth. Therefore, the breakfast is an important key to health maintenance.


This was conveyed by the researcher of the Department of Community Nutrition, Faculty of Human Ecology, Bogor Agricultural University (FEMA-IPB), Prof. Dr. Ikeu Tanziha as a speaker in the Expert Dialogue program of RRI Bogor, recently. According to her, breakfast time can be adjusted to the rhythm of the morning activities, usually beginning at 06:00 to 09:00 pm. "Breakfast is an important before doing physical activities in the morning because our body has not got food for around 10 – 11 hours at night," she said.


He said, breakfast provides initial energy for the day activities, supplies nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals from different foods consumed at breakfast, and is for the functioning of various physiological processes in the body. Breakfast can also reduce the possible need for snacks during the trip, school or workplace, thus reducing the risk of consuming harmful food additives, such as colorings preservatives, sweeteners, flavoring, and so on.


Breakfast makes you body fit and not get tired quickly. Additionally, it can prevent type 2 diabetes, help control weight, and improve the body's resistance to stress. A lot of studies have proved that employees or those who work without breakfast in the morning would be more susceptible to stress. In contrast, those taking breakfast tend to be better prepared to carry out the work and enjoy the work better. This has something to do with blood sugar levels.


Further, breakfast can also maintain a healthy heart. Regular breakfast has the benefit of making the heart stay healthy. Studies have shown that people with regular breakfast have much lower cholesterol levels than those who do not take breakfast. It is this mechanism which in turn helps prevent deadly diseases, including heart disease. This should certainly be accompanied with a healthy menu, such as fruits and vegetables, and limiting eating fried foods or other fatty intake at breakfast. The types of food for breakfast can be selected and prepared in accordance with the circumstances and it will be better when it consists of food sources of energy, building substances, and regulating substances in balanced amount, concluded Prof. Ikeu. (Mtd)


Published Date : 25-Mar-2015

Resource Person : Prof.Dr Ikeu Tanziha, peneliti Departemen Ilmu Gizi (Fema IPB)

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