Faith and Immune : Three Lessons Learned by Covid-19 Survivors

Being 'chosen' to be part of the Covid-19 survivors is certainly not what I expected. But I am grateful, because perhaps that is the way He did so that I had the opportunity to learn new things, including self-introspection. There are at least three learning notes that I can share as a Covid-19 survivor.

First, spiritual resistance. Ibn Sina said, "panic is half disease, calm is half medicine, and patience is the first step to recovery". Therefore, the question is: what is the source of calm?

Remembering Allah is a source of peace of mind (Surah Arra'd: 28) and in Surah Al-Baqarah 152 Allah also says, "Therefore remember me, I will undoubtedly remember you". Remembering Allah means getting closer to oneself: dhikr, prayer, tadarus Al-Quran, listening to the holy verses of the Quran, worship and prayer in total. Remember, Al Quran is also the source of syifa or "medicine" in a broad sense, as it says, "And We send down from the Koran something that becomes a shifa" and a mercy for those who believe "(Surah Al Isra ': 82).

To get closer is to build sincerity and build good prejudice, including seeing this trial as a momentum for self-improvement. Namely, the momentum to become a qualified person who is patient, humble, caring, and becomes a better servant.

The power of faith brings about the ability to take lessons from every trial. Remember Allah's promise that with difficulties there will be ease (QS 94: 5-6). The power of faith will bring good prejudice. Good prejudice to Allah is a source of tranquility, and calm is a source of increased immunity, and immunity is the best defense against disease. Therefore, it is good to prejudice Allah because Allah  will according to the prejudice of his servant.

Second, interpersonal resistance. I state openly that I am positive about Covid-19, to facilitate tracing and minimize the risk of transmitting it to others. After the information spread, prayers continued to echo. The main thing is the prayers of parents and families who have special sincerity. Likewise the role of friends in: (a) sending prayers and encouragement, (b) sending medical tips, and many even (c) helping with medicines.

Good interpersonal communication is a source of happiness. Conversely, bad interpersonal communication will become negative energy that drains emotions that can lower immunity. The unconditional sincere love of friends through prayer and attention is a positive energy that creates calm, new enthusiasm, and healing optimism that can strengthen immunity.

Third, physical endurance, which can arise from spiritual and interpersonal resistance above. However, physical endurance must also be strengthened by medical action. The hospital (RS) has standard anti-Covid-19 medicines in the form of multi-vitamin C-D-E & zinc packages, medicines including antibiotics, nutritious foods and mouthwashes, most of which are aimed at boosting immunity. The hospital performs regular monitoring of temperature, blood pressure and saturation.

Anyone who tests positive should be taken to the hospital for a diagnosis: lungs, blood, and at the same time the detection of possible side diseases that will affect the Covid-19 treatment strategy.

In addition, I consume herbal medicines of various brands, propolis, IPB innovation Cajuput eucalyptus candy, honey, red ginger, and every time I inhale the aroma of eucalyptus oil either with euca roll on, or inhale hot water vapor dripped with eucalyptus. I also consume Zam Zam water. Many also sent other unbranded herbal ingredients, some of which I consumed when I found out what they contained. All consumption of herbal medicines we need to consult a doctor.

So, the key to dealing with Covid-19 is immunity, and increased immunity can occur because of strengthening spiritual, interpersonal, and physical resilience.

This paper does not pretend to be a recovery factor analysis. This paper is just a story and reflection on what I did and experienced during the 6 days of treatment at this hospital, which Alhamdulillah was later declared cured after a negative swab test. Let us continue to pray for each other may we be healthy and always in good health. May be useful.

Sentul, 26 September 202