Age, Gratitude, And Footprint

All days are important. But today feels more important because it becomes a momentum to realize that by the increasing age, the opportunity in life is reduced. Therefore there is no other way but to make life more meaningful.

What is a meaningful life? Meaningful life means the increase of output and impact per unit of time in our lives. Impact to who? of course to the others and the universe. Meaningful life is life that is beneficial to others because of the words of the Prophet: khoirunnaas anfa'ahum linnaas, which means that the best of humans is ones who bring benefit for others. The song of "Anugerah" that I created a few years ago tells about it, about the contemplation of aging.

In order for life to be meaningful, then the rest of life must be filled by thankfulness by increasing footprints that have a greater impact wherever we are and in any position. If you are grateful, surely We will increase you (in favor) (QS Ibrahim 7).



How does the favor increase? because if we are thankful, means that we are increasingly using the gift of faith, reason, physicality, and the gift of freedom to carry out the mission of rahmatan lil alamin, to bring mercy to all nature. Gratitude is the work of producing works for excellence.

Gratitude is a productive endeavor.

More productive with ideas and works that inspire others will increase the multiplier effect of our productivity. This is the origin of progress. Progress will be made where everyone makes historic and inspiring foot prints, which have an impact on the emergence of new foot prints that keep rolling like a snowball that gets bigger and bigger. Finally, we also feel the pleasure of the results of the foot prints of other people who keep rolling and growing. Here, we increasingly realize that the more we give, the more we will receive. For us, the more we practice knowledge, the more we will learn. Of course this premise requires a learning mentality for people with knowledge. Knowledgeable people are not static but dynamic because they continue to study and learn to seek knowledge.

Progress is destiny, and the destiny of progress occurs because of a process of the work of our intellect which is a gift of Allah SWT. Allah Almighty is Willful and anything can happen if Allah says Kun Fayakun. But Allah also respects the process at the same time, that is what is called Sunatullah. Man jadda wajada, whoever is serious will get progress. Progress is the result of a work process of our mind and conscience.

The work process is contextual. There are dimensions of space and time that must be taken into account. Because the context of the past is different from now. Therefore, the power of our gratitude is also very dependent on our understanding of the context of this new age. A good understanding of the present context should make the work process as an act of gratitude we have a more meaningful impact. This is where we will contribute to progress. We will contribute to change. We will contribute to the emergence of new history and new civilization. This is our dream together. Namely, be a mercy for all nature, which in contemporary language means to be a trend setter of change.

Once again, we must interpret the increase in age as an increase in productivity and the impact of our gratitude actions. Hopefully with age, our lives will be more meaningful. And all the results of our meaningful acts of gratitude will become important provisions when one day we must meet the presence of Allah as a form of accountability for the favors and gifts of this extraordinary world.

This small reflection we close with the words of the Prophet Muhammad, which means:
"Man's feet will not shift from the Day of Judgment from his Rabb's side so he is asked about five things: about his age in what he uses, about his youth in what he spends, about his wealth from where he gets and in what he spends, and about what he practices from what he knows (knowledge), "(Narrated by At-Tirmidhi from the path of Ibn Mas'ud z. See Ash-Shahihah, no. 946).

Goettingen, September 17 2019