Greetings for The Learners

I congratulate to the Lecturers of IPB to start their noble duty of lecturing on even semester on January 20 2020. Let us give more lecturing content not only delivering and explaining lecture, but also inspiring the students. Wiseman said, the great teacher is inspiring. Inspiring means wakening the spirit up on student to learn, think and do something for benefit. The more we inspire, the more student love the knowledge we deliver, and the more student love the lecture. Their love on our lecture is a door for them to become a powerful agile learner, as we need on new curriculum of IPB or K2020.
Becoming tough and agile learner is an important provision to face the change and the uncertainty. Only the learner mental that be adaptive to change. Science develops still and only tough learner that can follow science development and even become the decision making of science. Stephen Covey said, “keep sawing, but do not forget to sharpen it. Knowledge and skill we use can become blunt when volatility of change happens, except we still sharpen it. Sharpening is a sign of learner.

Big nations of the history and the future always lie on their learner people, and campus become pillar. The bigger the nation identified by the more of the great campus. It is impossible the innovation of South Korea and China can run this fast without their campus and the great learner.
By sueing students become learner, it also sues us as a lecturer to be learner. Ki Hajar Dewantara said, “Ing ngarso sung tulodho”. In the future we must become a good model. The spirit of learner needs exemplary, and for student, the lecturer is a source of exemplary. The simple exemplary is the lecturer discipline, such as come to the class on time. The next exemplary is the example as the learner: (a) updating the newest book, journal, innovation, and research, (b) always updating the recent learning method, (c) always updating the actual situation whether local, national, also global, and (d) always trying to give the solution of the challenge. Giving example is giving inspiration. Exemplary as the learner is a great inspiration.
Learner lecturer are contextual lecturers, always paying close attention to the development of the context and understanding the position at the ordinate point where we stand on the map of the situation of change. Meanwhile textual lecturers are instead lecturers who only deliver texts without a touch of relevance to the existing reality. Of course what we need more is contextual lecturers because it stimulates students to participate in understanding the context of the problem, so that lectures will be more beneficial for life. Lectures that come into contact with reality can be part of the process of finding solutions to existing problems. MIT is a great campus in the USA that is now starting to direct its lecture material to solve problems. MIT is aware that complex problem solving is a skill students must have when dealing with VUCA.

Furthermore, learning lecturers are transformative lecturers, who always learn and think about change and even always want to be a change agent. Therefore, learning lecturers are actually the drivers of life.

Hopefully this even semester lecture can be filled with new enthusiasm to produce student learners and at the same time make ourselves as learning lecturers.
Greetings of learners!

Bogor, January 19 2020