Two Years of Transformation : Expectations and Execution

Today, December 15, 2019, even two years I became the Rector of IPB. Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT gave the opportunity and strength to support this noble task. Thank you to the Leaders of IPB in previous periods which have provided a strong foundation for IPB to continue to innovate and develop. Thank you all the academics of IPB who sincerely serve and work hard for IPB to continue to excel. This innovation and achievement capital is important for IPB to continue to inspire, and become capital to run towards its vision.

Two years is indeed too short to meet all expectations. But two years is also long if the transformation has not yet been executed. Whatever two years have happened, let me reflect on the strengths and weaknesses.

The expert said, the leader's job is to show the way, show the way, and go the way. This is where the vision becomes a necessity because the vision will guide IPB to run. Being a techno-social entrepreneurial university is a long-term vision of IPB. Our task is to create a short-term vision as part of the realization of a long-term vision. Short-term vision must also respond to short-term issues. In short, we decided on a brief vision of IPB (2019-2023) wrapped in one word, namely * IPB 4.0 *. This did not exist in response to the new era of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) triggered by the industrial revolution 4.0 which had completely disrupted. There is only one choice of IPB: to disturb or be disturbed?

We decide to disturb. We have to become a change setter. Decisions must be taken quickly, because speed is now as important a variable as intelligence. Therefore the strategy and program must reflect the vision of IPB 4.0.

First, we have translated the vision of IPB 4.0 into a measurable and clearly agreed strategic plan between programs in a holistic strategy map. We must continue IPB Green, IPB Biz, and IPB Net to support IPIP Smart, which in turn can realize IPB Excel, IPB Edu, and IPB Lead, which have achieved IPB share discussed for IPB for the nation.

Second, we have to do digital transformation to improve digital capability and make all IPB components become connected. The requirements to accelerate, be precise, and be fast, because digital technology is an inevitable necessity. Alhamdulillah, the improvement of digital infrastructure and integration of information systems went well, so that financial, academic, HR, and student management were integrated. This then makes it easier to read in a variety of digital application platforms that can be accessed via smart phones. IPB lecturers, students, and students simply open BB Cellular for students, BB Cellular for staff, BB Cellular for lecturers to know the real time data relating to their assistance with IPB. Followed by IPB Mobile for alumni and _ for parents_ so that parents can carry out academic activities and the data of their children who study at IPB. There is another IPB Today containing IPB daily news, IPBInnovation_contains information on all IPB innovations, and finally _IPB DigiTani platform for farmers to find IPB experts.

In terms of internet connection, IPB has established IPB Access a single door for internet access in a network within the IPB environment and is connected to eduroam which is automatically connected to the network in more than 100 institutions in various countries. Management information system (SIM), from 16 SIMs in 2017 to 50 SIMs 2019 with features that are more easily enjoyed by civa IPB. Bandwidh internet capacity also continues to be added. Get IPB received the Openness of Public Information award from the Vice President and KIP 2018 and 2019.

Third, the transformation of management towards company culture through refinement of performance systems, remuneration and incentive systems, career systems, administrative and health services, and financial system integration. Financial Management of IPB is supported by an integrated IT-based financial system. The budget allocation for the remuneration system is getting bigger, so the multiplier factor continues to increase from IDR 1,400 to IDR 2,000 and next year it can be increased again to IDR 2,200. Soon, I will be promoted online and online accreditation will soon run. This is so lecturers are not too busy with administrative matters. Prizes, IPB always gets WTP status, also the achievement of first place lecturer with national achievement in the field and second place in the humanities field, and second place in Tendik with national achievement 2019.

We have arranged the Student Service Center (SSC) to integrate all academic and student services online and offline. Produced, SSC IPB was chosen as the Winner of Best public information service from the 2019 Indonesian Public Relations Association.

Fourth, we have compiled the concept of IPB AGRO-MARITIM 4.0 as the official view of IPB about 4.0 and become a reference in the education and research of IPB. At present, the Agro Maritime Research research roadmap has also been formulated so that IPB's research can be more measurable and able to answer challenges 4.0 to 5 years. Even with this concept, international cooperation with the Netherlands, USA, Australia, Germany, Britain, China and South Korea is directed to Maritime Agro 4.0. The award received in research was the first rank of PTN, the best foreign research partner in 2018 from Menristekdikti and ranked 2 of the best research category.

Fifth, in Education IPB 4.0 we have begun: a) reorienting the current curriculum to be developed into the K2020 educational curriculum with a tandem concept between the hard skill and _ soft skill_ to produce graduates with the powerful agile learner character. In order to realize this, 609 lecturers or 50% of lecturers have been prepared to be ready for 'blended learning' while at the same time some of them are given a refresher on Heutagogy, b) opening international classes, c) opening new contemporary study programs such as AGRO-MARITIM Logistics, d) opening OSIS Chair for enter IPB, e) open leadership dormitory, and together with HA IPB develop mentoring leaders, f) state defense education, g) talent mapping and compulsory training 7 habits for new students so that student coaching is more directed, and h) development of Entrepreneurship Center for students and preparation Start Up School, i) Starting in 2019 IPB also issued SKPI (Certificate of Companion of Diploma) explaining the skills possessed by graduates in addition to academic skills. As a result, IPB won the second place in the 2019 National Student Scientific Week, the overall winner of the Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship, the 1st place in national achievement students, won dozens of international awards on various occasions such as IFT, Choir in Switzerland, Ireland, Poland and various awards in science and technology in China, Russia, Japan and various other countries.

Sixth, we have established the TANI Center to maximize IPB's excellent service online through the DigiTani application and offline to farmers, ranchers, and fish farmers and accompanied by a Lecturer Serving Program to serve and inspire the community. The opening of Botani Mart which provides various superior seeds and other IPB innovations for the public market. We also open the Serambi Botani in large malls as well as at Soekarno Hatta International Airport as FLAG carrier_ IPB.

Seventh, we make Agribusiness Technology Park (ATP) IPB into a Digital Agriculture storefront which is also a place for research, business, and tourism, by providing a variety of smart green houses for fruits, vegetables and fish seeds. As a result, at this ATP we are empowering farmers around the campus and as a result these farmers' products have entered 31 supermarkets in Bogor.

Eighth, we inaugurated Science Techno Park IPB in the golden park with the strength of Center for Collaborative Research to serve industry, innovation management, accompanied by an Incubator program to serve small and medium businesses, and the IPIP Innovation_ application and click IPB as an mobile application for Intellectual Property applications. managed by IPB. As a result, we get the Widyapadhi Award no. 2018, the Widya Krida no. 1 award and the Shinta Award No. 1 (most patents) from the Menristekdikti in 2019, so IPB is often known as the Best campus in innovation.

Ninth, rebranding IPB to be more easily recognized globally by changing Bogor Agricultural University to IPB University, and making IPB's new motto "Inspiring Innovation With Integrity". We also encourage rebranding with the IPB TODAY application which contains the daily news of IPB. As a result, a) Rank 1 award for best news from the Minister of Communication and Information and b) Silver Winner of the best website version of the Indonesian Public Relations Association.

Finally, 2018-2019 in the ranking of the world and national IPB got the following positions:
1. Ranked 74th in the world _ World University Ranking QS by subject Agriculture and Forestry_
2. Ranked 12th in Asia in the WUR version of the QS by subject Agriculture and Forestry
3. Ranking 40 world The most Sustainable University UIGreen metric version
4. Ranking of the 3 best PTNs in Indonesia in the PT cluster by Menristekdikti
5. Ranked 2nd in the WUR THE subject life sciences WUR
6. Ranking 132 _ Asian University Ranking_ version of QS overall
7. Ranked 601+ in WUR version QS 2019 overall, up 150 ranking from 2017 which ranks 751+.

Ranking is not an objective, but an effect, which is the result of the transformation process that we do. Therefore, focus on achievement work, transformative steps, and a collaborative spirit with a determination to progress all of us. Of course we are grateful for the achievements above, but we still have a lot of homework to complete.

God willing, we can achieve more. The key is that we maintain integrity, we continue to encourage innovation, and we continue to spread inspiration. But even more important is that IPB must continue to benefit the progress of the nation, the world, and humanity so that it meets public expectations.

Once again, thank you to all colleagues of various levels of leadership, the academic community of IPB, all the students and support staff and students. Hopefully all your hard work support is classified as a good deed blessed by Allah SWT. Amen YRA. We apologize profusely if many expectations have not been fully realized in these two years. God willing, we will work hard to make it happen in the following years

Bogor, 15 December 2019