Realizing IPB University as Techno-Socio Entrepreneurial University

The Long-Term Plan of the IPB university is the realization of IPB University as a Techno-Socio Entrepreneurial University. Through the new view of IPB 4.0 with the tagline Race in Excellence to Shape IPB Future and Program Emphasis in 2019, namely the Excellent Innovation Ecosystem, the direction of the development of IPB University is very much in line with the strategic issues we are facing today. There are two challenges that are our main concern at present. First, the global community is facing the problems of the food, energy, and environmental crisis, which then have a further impact on the quality of human life. Responding to this problem, the United Nations (UN) endorsed the global goals contained in the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) which were prepared through the agreement of leaders of countries in the world.


Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan. How do we interpret the wisdom of fasting in multi dimensions? At least there are four important dimensions of the results of doing Ramadan fasting at both individual and social levels, namely the dimensions of spiritual intelligence, physical intelligence, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence. First, is the dimension of spiritual intelligence, which emphasizes the importance of a transcendental divine relationship. The foundation of fasting is faith and indeed fasting is commanded only to those who believe so the sound of QS Al Baqarah 183 is "Yaa Ayyuhalladzi na aamanu" and not "yaa ayyuhal muslimun". Therefore the intention of fasting should be based on faith. As the Hadith of the Prophet said "Whoever fasts for faith and sincerity will be forgiven of his previous sins". So faith is the main capital of fasting, and fasting is also intended to increase faith. With fasting, the capital of faith will continue to grow. The mechanism of increasing faith is reflected in the intensity of worship dema

At a Glance the Rebranding: "IPB University"

Beginning in 2019, the name of the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) was changed to IPB University. This new name was born from the long process of IPB's rebranding activities. Why is rebranding important and why is IPB University chosen as the new brand name?