Lutvi Abdullah, the Inventor of Snack Bar from Chicken Feather for Leukaemia Patients

Outstanding and inspiring, those two words are fit to describe Lutvi Abdullah. He who usually is called Upi is a student of Chemical Analysis Program in Vocational School (SV) IPB University Batch 53.

His achievements are not to be doubted, he keeps getting awards from international-scale research competitions since 2016. As a student in the agricultural campus, Upi successfully combined agriculture, pharmacy, and his research passion into one masterpiece. It is not too much if he is called The Great Researcher by the people around him.

Some examples of Upi’s international achievements are Best Research on International Science Pharmacy University of Malaya 2017, Best Oral Presentation on International Conference Medical of Human NTU Singapore 2017, Awardee Best Researcher Chulalongkorn University Thailand 2017, Honorable Mention, Best Oral Presentation, and Best Research (Triple Achievement) on International Conference Food and Agricultural Security University of Malaya 2018, and Best Research Award dan Most Diplomatic Award on International Microbiology and Medical Disease (IMMDE) NUS 2019.

According to him, the most memorable of all was the IMMDE 2019 in NUS, Singapore. Upi brought his research result which is HERBA (Chicken Feather of Snack Bar) product innovation. HERBA was a snack bar made from chicken feather for leukaemia patients. The quercetin, protein, and vitamin contents in the formulation were claimed to be able to prolong the life expectancy of leukaemia patients.

“The competitive atmosphere of IMMDE 2019 in NUS, Singapore was really intense. The participants were not only undergraduate students but also graduate students from notable campuses like Cambridge University and Seoul National University,” he said.

Besides the achievements, another interesting thing of Upi is his strong fighting spirit. Everything he has right now is not something that he acquired easily.

“I came from a broken-home family. I was so naughty that my father always educated me firmly so I could be independent and strong. Born as a diffable, people used to look down on me. But I realized that it motivated me to keep fighting according to my passion. Do not give up and keep fighting, because life should be enjoyed. Do not forget to be the best version of ourselves,” said Upi.

Now Upi is going through a Research Program Specialist from one notable university in Singapore. He participates in that program to acquire the Bachelor degree.

Published Date : 18-Sep-2019

Resource Person : Lutvi Abdullah

Keyword : Chicken Feather Snack Bar, Leukaemia, IMMDE 2019, National University of Singapore, IPB University