Lifting the Optimization of Waqf, Three IPB University Students Wins Second Place in the Sharia Economic Olympiad

IPB University students again made achievements. Three students of the Department of Islamic Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management namely Rachmi Ramdia N, Ilma Nursafitri J, and Putri Anisa won Second Place in the Sharia Economic Olympiad at the Unila Sharia Economic Festival at the end of August.

The competition, held by the Islamic Economics Study Forum of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Lampung, carries the theme "Development of Halal Industry through Islamic Sociopreneurs in the Millennial Era".

This competition consists of several stages. First, participants were given 100 questions consisting of multiple choice, entry, and essay and were done by each individual in the team. Next is the making of a paper for two hours, then proceed with making presentation material in a power point for 30 minutes. The final stage of the competition is the presentation and question and answer about the paper that has been made. Rachmi and the team must compete with 15 other teams.

"At the time of making the paper, we raised the theme of endowments. Because endowments are currently being intensified. We tried to discuss the optimization of the potential for waqf. We distribute waqf funds for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and the profits can be used for community welfare, "Rachmi said.

Rachmi and the team spent up to three weeks preparing themselves for the Olympics. "Three weeks we made preparations by searching various literatures. One week before the competition, we are even more intensive by conducting more in-depth discussions and discussions about the economy and material, "explained Rachmi. (KR / Zul)

Published Date : 22-Sep-2019

Resource Person : Rachmi Ramdia N, Ilma Nursafitri J, dan Putri Anisa

Keyword : Islamic Economics, IPB University, Olympics