IPB University Granted 2 Best Presenters & 1 Best Student Team in ISCO-ISS 2019

IPB University delegations from Department of Soil Science and Land Resources, Faculty of Agriculture recorded brilliant achievements during the International Seminar and Congress of the Indonesian Soil Science Society (ISCO-ISS 2019) on August 4th-6th, 2019 in Bandung, West Java—one of annual events organized by Indonesian Soil Scientists Association (HITI). ISCO-ISS served as a knowledge-sharing and invigorating discussion platform for multiple stakeholders: academicians, policy makers, practitioners, and professionals. It is held as a scientific forum to unite ideas, visions and missions as well as to arrange appropriate strategies in anticipating local and global challenges in the future. The conference’s aims were to share the latest ideas and findings of research on land resource management and agricultural innovation to strengthen a sustainable environment and food security. Besides, the purposes were to build networks between academician, business, and governmental practitioner through the exhibition in conference event and to contribute suggestions adaptive concepts and strategies to support environmental sustainability and food security. The subtopics were comprised of: 1) Soil Health and Fertility, Biodiversity and Bioresources; 2) Soil Physic, Water Conservation and Agroforestry; 3) Land Use Planning and Policy, Socio-cultural and Economical Aspect of Land Management; 4) Soil Mineralogy, Genesis and Classification; 5) Mining Reclamation and Environment Disaster Management; and 6) GIS And Remote Sensing on Agriculture, Integrated Farming System, Precision Agriculture and Green Technology. IPB University brought home 2 “Best Presenter” awards in both categories: lecturer (Dr. Syaiful Anwar; "Increasing pH due to Amelioration of Tropical Acid Soils not Always Reduce Fe, Mn, Cu, and Zn Availability") and student (Mr. Rizal H. Gumbara; "A Comparison of Cation Exchange Capacity on Organic Soils Determined by Ammonium Solutions Buffered at Some pHs Ranging between Around Fields pH and 7.0"). Besides, Soil Judging Contest was held as well by the Soil Science and Land Resources Student Association (Himatan) of Padjadjaran University, Bandung—where IPB University student team (Mr. M. Anis Fuandi and Mr. Bayu A. Santosa) reigned the 1st place.

Published Date : 12-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Rizal Habibi Gumbara dan Dr. Ir. Syaiful Anwar, M.Sc

Keyword : Soil Science, HITI, ISCO-ISS, Soil Judging