Undergraduate Educational Objectives
Undergraduate Program is an academic educational program which aims to prepare students to be citizens who believe and fear Allah the Almighty God, spirit of Pancasila, have high personal integrity, open and responsive to changes and advances in science, and problems faced by society.

Degree programs are directed at the graduates who have the following qualifications:

  1. Able to apply knowledge and skills of its technology relevant to their expertise in productive activities and services to the community with the attitude and behavior in accordance with good life together;
  2. Mastering the basics of scientific expertise and skills in certain areas, so as to find, understand, explain, and formulate solutions may exist in the their expertisec area ;
  3. Able to act and behave in bringing themselves working in the field of expertise as well as in living together in society.
  4. Able to follow the development of science and technology and / or art that is his forte.

Academic Regulations, including: