Goals :

  1. Developing alternative reclamation program for specific and unique mined lands in each mine area, both in relation to land, crops and social community;
  2. Develop a land use design for the recovery of mined lands to reclaim to its ecological functions, socio economic, safe and stable,  so those reclaimed lands will be utilized  accordance to its planned;
  3. Develop community organizations related to the  mining activities to improve the awareness (awareness) stakeholders towards an environmentally sound mining activities and to enhance the successful  reclamation of mined lands;
  4. Develop science, technology and organizations related to the mined lands reclamation based on the research programs, and experiments; and
  5. Disseminate of information on science, technology and organizations related mined lands reclamation efforts through education, training programs and consultancy.

Activities : 

  1. Organizing activities on mined land reclamation;
  2. Formulate the necessary technology for the reclamation of mined lands based on the characteristic of the local mining land;
  3. Formulate the design for  land use planning based on the characteristics of mined lands and the utilization of those lands for;
  4. Formulate adequate institutional system in accordance with the characteristics of local communities;
  5. Implementing  research programs on various fields of science related to the reclamation of mined lands to support the successful reclamation programs;
  6. Provide education and training courses to enhance human resource capacities for the successful implementation  of reclamation programs of mined lands; and
  7. Organizing symposia, seminars, workshops and colloquia for the exchange and sharing of knowledge on reclamation of mined lands

Head Office :
Dr. Ir. Iskandar

Secretary :
Dr. Ir. R.A. Dyah Tjahyandari Suryaningtyas, M.Appl.Sc

Address :

Baranangsiang Campus of IPB
Jl. Raya Pajajaran, Bogor 16143
Phone : +62 251 8629357
Fax : +62 251 8629357
E-mail : reklatam_ipb@yahoo.co.id
Website : http://reklatam.ipb.ac.id