Vision :

Toward a leading center for environmental researches in the sustainable development.

Mission :

  1. Producing ideas and policy on the management of environment that oriented at ecosystem characteristics, community involvement, local community wisdom and tradition, and economic justice, as well as global environmental change.
  2. Producing and develop biotechnology that control environmental pollution based on the sustainability of biological diversity.
  3. Facilitating development of education and trainings on environmental sciences.
  4. Toward a research center that is credible, professional, and having a reliable management system.

Collaboration :

  1. International Agency, Central and Local Government/Private Sector.

Divisions :

  1. Global Environmental Change
  2. Aquatic Resources Management
  3. Environmental  Economics
  4. Sustainable Agriculture and Com mu ni ty Empowerment
  5. Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystems
  6. Community Based Natural Resources Management
  7. Eco-Management 


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