Vision :

The vision of CCMRS is to become a leading and reputable institution which posses strong capacity and capability, role and commitment to develop coastal and marine utilization and management system on sustainable basis and welfare improvement of the people.

Mission :

  1. Research and  development to support coastal and marine development based on justice.
  2. Education and training for improving capability of stakeholder on coastal and ocean management.
  3. Community, private sector, government, non government organizations capacity building and empowerment in order to increase welfare of the community and sustainable resource development.

Divisions :

  1. Socio Economic Development.
  2. Resources and Environmental Management.

Head :
Dr.Ir. Ario Damar, M.Si                                               

Secretary :
Dr.Ir. Ruddy Suwandi, M.S, M.Phil 

Cooperation :

  1. Government, private, university, and research institutions involved in coastal and ocean management and development.

Address :

Baranangsiang Campus of IPB
Jl. Raya Pajajaran, Bogor 16680
Telepon : +62 251 8374726
Faksimile : +62 251 8374839
Email :
Website :