Vision :

To be international research center for tropical fruits which develops science and technology, human resources and excellent varieties for improving agribusiness chain of Indonesian fruit industry.

Mission :

  1. To carry out research in tropical fruits.
  2. To be the trend setter in tropical fruits development.
  3. To gather the commitment and resources (human resources, programs and instructures) for developing the long term partnership between universities, research agencies, business actors and related institutions in order to enhance the agro-technological cluster of indonesian fruits.

Division :

  1. Plant Breeding
  2. Technology Development
  3. Marketing Research and Partnership System

Head Office :
Dr.Ir. Darda Efendi, Msi

Sekretary :
Awang Maharijaya, SP, MSi

Address :

Baranangsiang Campus of IPB
Jl. Raya Pajajaran, Bogor  16144
Phone : +62 251 8326881 , 8382201
Fax : +62 2518326881
E-mail : ,
Website : ,