Vision :

To be a professional and recognized center with high commitment in studying and developing human resources in relation to agribusiness/agroindustry.

Mission :

  1. Conducting human resources and profession studies in the field of agribusiness/agroindustry to develop professional, independent and competitive human resources.
  2. Implementing studies on human resources development through education, health and community economy.
  3. Providing service on training, consultation, facilitation and supervision to prepare agribusiness/agroindustry community.
  4. Improving integrity and sinergism of research and service activities especially in agribusiness/agroindustry through optimum use of regional and out of regional resources.

Divisions :

  1. Training and Technology Information Dissemination
  2. Media Instructional Development
  3. Human Resource Assessment

Programs to the Future :

  1. Planning and Quality Guarantee Implementation Program
  2. Transfer of technology/disseminating research results/research
  3. Supporting Programs
  4. Research Programs/Research on Human Resource Development
  5. Quality Development Program on Human Resource Development through stimulating new models (media, methods, and techniques)
  6. Initiating Programs and Central Promotion
  7. P2SDM R Program-dissi (Monthly Round Table Discussion On Strategic Issue)
  8. Environment Developing Programs and Public Empowerment through developing Human Resources and Entrepreneurship

Training Program Service :

  1. Training the Development of Soft Skills
  2. Training BK Teaching
  3. Training on Curriculum Compilation in the University Level
  4. Entrepreneurship Training
  5. Pre Pensiun Training
  6. Training on Methods of Research
  7. Training on Presenting Techniques
  8. MC Training
  9. Training on Public Speaking
  10. Training on Prime Service
  11. Training on Public Empowerment
  12. HACCP Training
  13. Training on Fishery Product Processing, Nata de Coco, Yoghurt and types of chips
  14. Tutorial for UN subject - Teachers
  15. Training on Reputation Management
  16. Training on Strategical Planning

Performance Activities :

A.    Capacity Building

  • General:

  1. Seminar And Training For Bogor Regency And      Municipality Midwives,
  2. Seminar On  Revitalizing Regency Level- Public Clinic Service (Posyandu) In Bogor Regency
  3. Seminar On Islamic Law  Capital Market And Training On Islamic Law Training
  4. Training On Retooling Batch
  5. HACCP (Fishery Agroindustrial And Husbandry     Quality Assurance Guaranty Personal Certificate)
  • Lecturers

  1. Prime Condition Management Training For IPB Staf And Administration
  2. Training For Junior Lecturers At Talaud Regency
  3. Training On Teaching Process In Padang Engineering Diploma Program
  4. Training On Sop Compilation And Instructional  Activity Money
  5. Quantum Learning Work Experience For Chemical  Enginering.
  • Teachers

  1. Country High School Teacher Work Experience
  2. Activity At Bogor, Cianjur, And Sukabumi Regency
  3. Tutorial For Substitute Teachers On UN Subjects     In West Java, Lampung And Central Java Province
  4. Community Development With Pertamina. TOT

Program For UN Subject Substitute Teachers :

  • Principle (Head Masters) :

  1. Seminar And Workshop On Management For Principles In The Bogor, Cianjur, Sukabumi, And Lampung Area.
  • Peoples :

  1. Training On High School Level Student Life Skill In Bogor Country/Regency, Cianjur, Sukabumi, And Lampung.
  • Undergrad Students L

  1. +++ Scholarship Student Requirement Program
  2. Entrepreneurship Training For IPB Student And The Public Society

B.    Research :

  1. Implementation Research On Education Unit Level Curriculum At The High School.
  2. Compilation And Corporate Culture Development In IPB 

C.    Community Empowerment :

  1. Bogor Regency District Government Assistance In Executing The High School National Level Examination Independent Team
  2. Establishment Of The Country Empowerment Agency And Bogor, Cianjur, And Sukabumi Regency.
  3. Catfish Farm Entrepreneurship And Developing A Cooperation Atmosphere With BRI

Head :
Dr.Ir. Amiruddin Saleh, M.S.                                            

Secretary :
Drs. Suhaemi

Address :

Baranangsiang Campus of IPB
Jl. Raya Pajajaran, Bogor 16153
Phone : +62 251 8381215 
Fax : +62 251 8381215
Email :
website :