Vision :

To become a leading center in the development and application of engineering sciences to create appropriate technology for the development of sustainable tropical agriculture, both in on-farm and off-farm activities.

Mission :

To develop engineering-based appropriate technologies necessary to create optimum and environmentally sound agricultural production systems supported by the necessary rural infrastructures that could help in developing modern, industrialized and sustainable agriculture through basic and applied research activities.

Objective :

To obtain appropriate technologies through research and development activities, and disseminate the results as a contribution in developing agriculture-based, modern and sustainable industry, especially in the area of tropical agriculture

Organization :

Since the establishment of CREATA in 1994, the management of CREATA has been carried out based on participatory of staffs from the Department of Agricultural Engineering. The core management provides the organization with basic policies and guidelines for activities, implemented after thorough discussions and consensus among all staff members of CREATA and staff of Agricultural Engineering Department.

To increase the organization’s effectiveness, reorganization of CREATA has been accomplished in May 1998. The reorganization involves the renewing of internal organization structure and some personnels for activities management, decentralization of task and management responsibility, and reasonable allocation of time devoted for the management of their respective activities. From that time until the middle of 2005, the management of CREATA was conducted based on the new structure, which is the simplification of the previous structure.

In relation with the rearrangement of research centers under the RCEI in IPB, and also to accommodate the mandates assigned by IPB, CREATA once again changed its organization structure. This time, the structure of organization was arranged based on the rules applied in IPB so that the characteristic and functionality of a research center should meet the requirement, which is multi-discipline.

Mandate :

As a result of rearrangement of research centers in IPB, CREATA has been assigned or given mandates which are focused on:

  1. Development of infrastructures in rural areas for housing and production activities by employing sciences and technologies in order to increase productivity, added values, to create job opportunities, as well as tocreate access to the market for the resulted products so that urban activities can be prevented from happening.
  2. Development of inovative technologies suitable for socio-economic culture of rural people, mainly by introduction of agricultural tools and machineries as well as biosystem engineering.
  3. Development of optimum agricultural production systems for on-fram and off-farm activities through the application of engineering disciplines.
  4. Development and usage of information technology by providing information system for management of agricultural mechanization activities.

Head Office :
Dr. Ir. Usman Ahmad. M.Agr

Secretary :
Dr. Leopold Oscar Nelwan, S.TP,. M.Si

Address :

Gd. Fateta IPB Lt. 2, Kampus IPB Darmaga
Jl. Raya Darmaga, Bogor 16002
Telepon : +62 251 621886, 621887
Faksimile: +62 251 621887
Kampus IPB Baranangsiang
Jl. Raya Pajajaran, Bogor 16151
Telepon : +62 251 349473
Faksimile : +62 251 349473
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