Vision :

As a Center of excellence in tropcal animal studies in board sence toward the provision of great use and benefits or human welfare.

Mission :

To explora and study tropical animal resource for sustainable environrment and national development program.  

Division :

  1. Feed and Nutrition
  2. Animal Breeding
  3. Animal Health and Management
  4. Prospective Animals
  5. Social and Economics
  6. Cooperation

CENTRAS initiates cooperation in research and development with external institutions: Department, Regional Government, Private/Public Industries, International Institutions, etc. The present activities/cooperation :

  1. To carry out research on cattle in the RUSNAS program. Funded by the Department of State Research and the Technology of the Republic of Indonesia (2006-present)
  2. To carry out research value on Chain Poultry(in relation with bird flu). Funded by FAO, 2007-2008
  3. To carry out the program on “Capacity building in ruminant livestock producion in smallholder farmin systems; Project DELPHIE. Funded by the British Council, 2007-2009. In cooperation with UGM, Cambodia, Vietnam and England.
  4. To carry out a feasibility study on husbandry specifically on lambs under the cooperation with the Department of Agricultural’s Directorate General of Husbandry.
  5. To carry out farming lambs in IPTEKDA’s program. Funded by LIPI, 2008.

Head Office :
Dr.Ir.Suryahadi, DEA

Secretary :
Dr.Ir. Amiruddin Saleh, M.S 

Addresss :

Baranangsiang Campus of IPB
Jl. Pajajaran, Bogor 16153
Telepon : + 62 251 8350413
Faksimile : +62 251 8350413
Email : ,
Website :