IPB University has numerous well-established links and collaboration with overseas partner institutions. IPB has developed active collaboration with more than 160 universites and institutions around the world. Various networking activities have been conducted such as Joint Degree Program, Double Degree Program, Students Exchange, Summer Course Program, Collaborative Research, Joint Publication, Joint Seminars, Joint Supervision, Training Projects, and other areas. The collaboration is formally documented with Memorandum of Understanding and Memorandum of Agreement. lFor complete list of International Collaboration, kindly visit this page http://ico.ipb.ac.id/active-mou/


Collaboration Partner from United State of America :

  1. Auburn University
  2. Conservation Strategy Funds Indonesia
  3. Cornell University
  4. Memorial University of Newfoundland
  5. Michigan State University
  6. Mississippi State University
  7. Oklahoma State University
  8. Oregon State University
  9. Pennsylvania state university
  10. The City University of New York
  11. The Regents of The university of California
  12. The University of British Columbia
  13. The University of Georgia
  14. The University of Hawai'i at Manoa
  15. The Unversity of British Columbia
  16. Universidad De Talca
  17. Universite Laval
  18. University of Missouri
  19. University of Rhode Island
  20. University of Southern California
  21. University of Washington
  22. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  23. Villanova University
  24. Wake Forest University

Collaboration Partner from Australia :

  1. Curtin University of Technology, Australia
  2. Murdoch University, Australia
  3. Southern Cross University, Australia
  4. The Univeristy of Sydney, Australia
  5. The University of Canterbury, Australia
  6. The University of Queensland, Australia
  7. The University of Veterinary Medicine, Australia

Collaboration Partner from Netherland :

  1. Elsevier B.V
  2. Indonesia Netherlands Association (INA)
  3. Leiden University
  4. Maastricht School of Management
  5. Nutreco Nederland B.V
  6. Stichting Maastricht School of Management
  7. Stichting Wageningen Research
  8. Trans Solar International II BV
  9. Wageningen University

Collaboration Partner from China :

  1. Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  2. Guangxi Vocational and Technical College
  3. Jiangsu University
  4. Shanghai Maritime University

Collaboration Partner from England :

  1. Cranfield University
  2. Ecometrica of the United Kingdom
  3. Ecometrica of the United Kingdom
  4. Lancaster University
  5. Liverpool John Moores University
  6. University of Dundee
  7. University of Leeds
  8. University of Leicester
  9. University of Nottingham
  10. University of Portsmouth Higher Education Corporation
  11. University of Reading
  12. University of Nottingham
  13. The University of Edinburgh

Collaboration Partner from Italy :

  1. The University of Florence
  2. University of Basilicata

Collaboration Partner from Jepan :

  1. ASEAN Nagoya Club
  3. Chiba University
  4. Chuo University
  5. Ehime Universiity-Kagawa University-Kochi University-UNHAS-UGM-IPB
  6. Ehime University
  7. Ehime University-Kagawa University-Kochi University-Unhas, UGM, IPB
  8. Fasmac Co.,LTD
  9. Fukuoka Women's University
  10. Gifu University
  11. Graduate School of Biospere Science, Hiroshima University
  12. Hiroshima University
  13. Hokkaido University
  14. Hosei University
  15. Ibaraki University
  16. Kagawa University
  17. Kagoshima University
  18. Kamada Soy Sauce
  19. Kamada Soy Souce
  20. Kinki University
  21. Kobe University
  22. Kochi University
  23. Kyoto University
  24. Kyushu University
  25. Kyusu University
  26. Magellan System Japan
  27. Magellan System Japan, Inc
  28. Mie University
  29. Mitsubishi Corporation
  30. Nara Institute of Science And Technology
  31. NARO
  32. National Institute for Environmantal Studies (NIES)
  33. National Institute of Technology, Wakayama College
  34. National University Corporation Ehime University
  35. Obihiro University of Agriculture And Veterinary Medicine
  36. OISCA International Colegge Foundation
  37. Okayama University
  38. Osaka Prefecture University
  39. Osaka University
  40. Prefecture University of Hiroshima
  41. Prospec AZ, Inc
  42. Shigeta Animal Pharmaceuticals Inc., Japan
  43. Sumitomo Chemical Co.,Ltd
  44. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC)
  45. The University of Shiga Prefecture
  46. The University of Tokyo
  47. The University of Tsukuba
  48. Tokai University Kyushu Campuses
  49. Tokyo University of Agriculture
  50. Tokyo University of Marine Science And Technology
  51. Tottori University
  52. Toyo University
  53. Toyota Tsusho Corporation
  54. UMAP International Secretariat
  55. Umeya Brainery Inc
  56. University of Miyazaki
  57. University of Niigata Prefecture
  58. Utsunomiya University
  59. Yamaguchi University
  60. Yanmar Co.,Ltd

Collaboration Partner from Malaysia :

  2. Ethis Ventures SDN BHD
  3. Felcra Education Service SDN.BHD
  4. Human Life Advancement Foundation
  5. International Institute for Halal Research and Training (INHART), International Islamic Univeristy Malaysia (IIUM), Selangor Darul Ehsan
  6. Kolej Vokasional Dato' Lela Maharaja, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan
  7. Kolej Vokasional Dato'Lela Maharaja
  8. Mandiri International Remittance SDN BHD
  9. Mitra Market Research SDN. BHD
  10. Monoluxury SDN. BHD
  11. Penang Institute
  12. Persatuan Arboretum Malaysia
  13. Terengganu Advanced Technical Institute University College
  14. UCSI University Malaysia
  15. Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT)
  16. Universiti Malaysia Trengganu (UMT)
  17. Universiti Putra Malaysia
  18. Universiti Sains Malaysia
  19. Universiti Teknologi Mara


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