Head: Prof. Drh. Deni Noviana, Ph.D

Function/Main Task

  • Supporting veterinary education.
  • Preparing the education of veterinary specialist.
  • Providing services to animals as patient, community, animal owners and environment.

Service Facility
Policlinic, Vaccination, Swing care (Sick Swing Care, Heal Swing Care) Radiology (small animal Roentgen, big animal roentgen) Fluoroscopy, USG, EKG, Endoscope, Microreader, Small animal operation, Big animal operation, grooming, Take a bath, Necropsy,  cremation, House call.

Jl. Agatis Kampus IPB
Darmaga Bogor 16680
Phone: 0251-8420503 0251-842050, 8421134
Fax : 0251-8629467, 8420920
E-mail: rsh-ipb