Implementing the task to plan, carry out, and facilitate education, research, and community service.


  1. Providing the facilities for education and training activities that require laboratory;
  2. Providing the facilities for research activities for students, lecturers, education personnel, and community who need laboratory facilities and ifrastructures;
  3. Providing service of laboratory testing and calibration of measuring instruments professionally to the public;
  4. Implementing the coordination with LPPM in carrying out the research;
  5. Planning, developing,  improving and upgrading the quality of  service system and laboratory capabilities;
  6. Implementing the coordination in maintaining and developing the laboratory facilities and infratructures owned by IPB; and
  7. Utilizing the laboratory facilities and infrastructures in order for the  Income Generating Activities for IPB.

The Manager of Integrated Chemical Laboratory consists of:
a. Head; and
b. Secretary.


Drs. Komar Sutriah, M.Si  

Dr. Henny Purwaningsih, S.Si, M.Si