Dr.Ir. Fredinan Yulianda, M.Sc.

Head Division of Standard Quality
Dr.Ir. Swastiko Priyambodo, M.Si

Head Division of Certification and Accreditation
Dr.drh. Hadri Latif, M.Si

Sub Directorate

  1. Education Quality Guarantee

  2. Accreditation And Certification

Main Task

The Directorate of Academic Administration and Quality Assurance (DAJMP) carries out a mandate to manage academic administration and quality assurance, covering student administration, academic planning, use of academic infrastructures and media as well as the development and monitoring of the implementation of an educational quality assurance and evaluation system.


  1. Conducting student registration, student data management, study plan and student graduation.

  2. Preparing academic plans, covering the academic calendar,needs of facilities and infrastructures and media as well as course, practical and examination schedules.

  3. Coordinating the use of academic facilities and infrastructures to increase resources efficiency and effectiveness.

  4. Together with the Faculties, D-PTPB and Office for Educative Assessment and Development (KP-3) develop Academic Quality Assurance System.

  5. Developing models and instruments for the purpose of educational monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance.


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