Every student of Bogor Agricultural University is explicitly a member of the Program on Students Health Support.  Services of PPKM cover the following :

1.Medical treatment for out-patients is provided by Bogor Agricultural University Clinics at both Darmaga

and Baranangsiang Campuses. The business hours of those clinical services is Monday through

Friday, 08.00 AM – 15.30 PM.  Medical treatment by  Physician at Darmaga clinic is from 09.00 AM – 15.30 PM.  

Note : PPKM doesn’t reimburse medical expenses for out-patients services performed by other parties.

2.Medical coverage for students who get accident or ill, and have to be hospitalized are appeared on the following table.

Table. Medical coverage for in-patients


Support Components

Total Amount                    (In IDR)


Sick Students




Room Charge (Max. 20 days)

Max.  600,000.-



Medical Expenses

Max.  600,000,-









Room Charge (Max. 10 days)




Medical Expenses

Max.  1.500.000,-


3.For students who died caused by  accident the university will cover the transportation costs of

the remains to be handed over to his/her parents/family (repatriation)    amounted to maximum of Rp. 3,000,000.-  (three million Rupiah).

Procedure and the requirements to claim reimbursement for medical expenses and remain transportation are  as follows :

1.Students who are sick  or get an accident, and who will be  hospitalized, they may  apply for funding support. The procedure for requesting the funding supports are as follows:

a.Report immediately to the officer in-charge at the service counter  of  PPKM,  at the Directorate for Students Affairs, Rectorate Building, ground floor, by submitting the reporting form on the occurrence of the disease/accident signed by the patient or authorized person;

b.Provide the supporting documents as follows: 

- Medical testament  signed by Medical Doctor;

- Official Receipt of the medical expenses from the hospital;

- Photocopy of Student Identity Card; and

- Validity of their student status (Proof of settlement of University fee).\

2.In case of demised student, the family of the decease or authorized representative should apply for funding support for evacuation  and taking care of the remains. The procedures are as follows :

a.Report immediately to the officer in-charge at the service counter  of  PPKM,  at the Directorate for Students Affairs, Rectorate Building, ground floor,

b.Submit the application  form signed by the patient or authorized person

c.Attach to the application form with supporting documents as follows :

- Death certificate signed by an authority; and

- Medical certificate, if demised person was hospitalized prior to his/her death.

3.Exceptions: supports for medical expenses and  protection against accidents are not eligible for the following occurrences :



c.General Check-Up;

d.Cosmetic treatment;

e.Medication which has not been recognized as a common practice;

f.Hearing or other medical aids;

g.Cleaning of dental calculus  and operation;

h.Autopsy and “visum et repertum” expenses ;

i. Hospital administration expenses;

j. Congenital illness;

k.Sick or complaints as a consequence of drug abuses such as Psychotropic  /NAPZA  medicines;

l. Pregnancy and maternity;

m.Mental health;

n. Accident or illness due  violating the law