• Directore
    Erlin Trisyulianti, S.TP, MSi.

  • Head of Sub directorate of Administration and Career Development
    Suherman, S.E.

  • Head Section of Lecturer Career
    Nana Sukmana, S.IP

  • Head Section of Human Resources Information System and Career Development of Educational Staff

           Yiyis Mayasari, S.IP

  • Head of Sub directorate of Recruitment, Performance Evaluation and Human Resource Development

           Ahmad Ridha, S.Kom, M.Sc

  • Head Section of Recruitment and Human Resource Performance Evaluation

           Yani Mulyani, A.Ma

  • Head Section of Human Resource Development

           Ir. Hirra Nurlaeni         

  • Head of Sub Directorate of Human Resource Welfare
    Madsari, S.E.

  • Head Section of Remuneration
    Erna Prastiwi, S.E. MM

  • Head Section of Additional Benefit
    Dra. Woro Endang Purwani

Sub Directorate

  1. Administration and Human Resources Development.

  2. Human Resources Welfare

Main Task

Directorate of Human Resources and General Administration (D-SDM & AU) carries out a mandate to manage human resources and general administration of the university


  1. Planning the recruitment and placement of human resources and developing a reward and punishment system.

  2. Managing staffing.

  3. Managing performance, promotion, & staff careers.

  4. Modernization of the management of general admini station and secretariate efficiency.

  5. Improving the Welfare of Staff.

  6. Managing the Welfare of the Staff

  7. Managing Staff Discharge Activities


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