Implement the technical of administrative task of institute in developing house management system to optimal the utilization in supporting of Institute programs and activities.

Function of General Affairs Bureau

  1. Coordinate the programs and house management activities of institute include usage of building facility and transportation.
  2. Coordinate the routine of programs and maintenance management activities: buildings, roads, equipment, furniture, office facilities, installation of electricity, water, telecommunications, and transportation.
  3. Coordinate the routine programs and cleanliness of park management activities, land, and convenience of road throughout the campus.
  4. Coordinate the programs and quality of service operation activities for the buildings and transportation (office car, dump truck, ambulance, hearse, bus, bicycle, etc.), for lecturers, staffs, and students.

Dr. Cahyono Tri Wibowo, SE., MM

Head Division of Building Cleanliness, Parks, Roads, and Land
Agus Amperanoto, SH

Head Division of Installation Water, Electricity and Telephone
Bambang Kuntadi, SP., MM

Head Division of Roads and Building Maintenance
Cecep, SE

Head Division of Maintenance, Equipment, Machinery and Vehicles
Eka Yudha Prya, SE


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