• Head
    Dr. Indah Yuliasih, S.TP, M.Si

  • Head Division of Financial Control and Reporting

           Ferry Swandayana, A.Ma  

  • Head Division of Financial Control

           Bayu Wahyudi, S.E.

  • Head Division of Financial Reporting

           Darsono, SE, MM

  • Head Division of Income

           Wahari Sulistyo Anggoro, SE

  • Head Division of Educational Income

           Mohamad Sofyan Sauri, S.E

  • Head Division of Research Income, Collaboration and Business Unit

           Niken Widyastuti, SE, MM

  • Head Division of Treasurer

           Setiawan, SE

  • Head Division of Outcome. Debts and Receivables

           Nani Yuheti Yuniati, SE, MM

  • Head Division of Taxation

           Mela Nurdialy, S.E., M.Ak


Main Task

To accomplish technical and administration task in receiving, saving, placing, paying out funds, controlling and responsibility and financial reporting based on working plan and Institute budget approved and preparation of Institutes’s financial accounting system.


Execution of Institute’s budget, including: receiving, saving, and placing, spending funds based on paying schedule approved Financial controlling and responsibility, including: budget allocation to each working unit of budget user, coordinating accomplishement budget scheduling to each working unit of budget user, approving the execution of budgeting and ferifying accomplishement responsibility budgeting documents Preparation of financial statements, including data processing, data analysis, and financial reporting Preparation of Institute’s financial accounting system.


  1. Treasury

  2. Accounting and Budget Control


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