• Head
    Dr. Ir. Idat Galih Permana, M.Sc.

  • Head Division of Infrastructure and Network
    Drs. Mahfuddin Zuhri, M.Si

  • Head Division of Application and Information System
    Asep Mulyana, S.Kom., M.Kom.

  • Head Division of Data
    Irman Hermadi, S.Kom., M.Si.

Main Task

To manage the development of an informational technological based IPB communication and information service in order to support the institutions policy and program.


  • As a unit that develops scientific management system for the institution

  • As a unit that manages the institutions data and information

  • As a managing working unit and institutions information


Sub Directorate

  1. Application And Informational System Service Sub Directorate
    Main Task:
    To carry out the management of  data base, information and an application system which includes software, data ware, policies, and an administrative application system and service.


    • To develop and maintain an application system that include software, dataware, policies and an application system administration and service

    • To determine and control a standard procedure system (SOP), security, regulation, evaluation and application administration service

    • To carry out the development and maintenance of IPB’s official website

  1. Application and information system service, sub directory
    Main Task:
    To carry out the analysis and the strategic plan of IPB’s communication development and information system in the attempt to provide prime services, achieve national and international standars and recognition and to compile a rational and target accurate program phases according to the dynamic conditions of IPB competitive demands in the global era.


    • To carry out analysis on the latest trends of the development of information and communication technology and its application as a competitive strength.

    • To carry out the procurement, inventories, maintenance and the development of networking system of ipb’s communication network.

    • To determine and control sop, security, regulation, evaluation and administrative communication network system.

    • To carry out communication service with several it based communication media towards national and international recognition.

    • To carry out assessment towards the condition and information technology and system performance which have been develop in ipb and identifying necessitie, directions and phases of it & s of the development program as ipb’s competitive strength in order to achieve academic excellence.

  1. Data, sub directory
    Main Task:
    Management, utilization, desimination of data and information for internal and external purpose of the institution.


    • To utilize, present, desiminate data and information

    • To set and control standard operation procedure in utilization, presentation

    • To develop and maintain the institution's website

    • To serve request of data and information of institution from many kinds of stakeholders of internal and external institution.


  • Student Cyber Café, consisting several cyber café’s located in several; faculties (4th floor, 2nd floor, 1st floor, building) IPB’s ex Clinic building

  • 15Mbps internet connection

  • VoIP services

  • Campus hotspot

  • Internet application service

  • College level application (SIMAK,SIMPEG,Website, Faspro SIM, Finance SIM/SPP)

  • Network operation center

  • IMCA service

  • Help desk (academic, network, web, secretary)

  • Internal and external cooperation service (such as: Cyber rent, training)


Kamper Street, e-Library Building, 3nd Floor

Dramaga Campus of IPB, Bogor 16680
Phone          : +62-251-8623936, PABX +62-251-8622642 Ext. 213
Fax.             : +62-251-8623936
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