• Head Hartulistiyoso, M.Sc,Agr

  • Head Division of Cooperation
    Dr.Ir. Yonvitner

  • Head Division of International Program
    Dr. Ir. Eko Hari Purnomo

Sub Directorate

  1. Collaboration

  2. International Program

Main Task

To carry out technical and administration assignments in initiating and to coordinating national and / or international activities and developing institutional international program to encourage IPB to go international.


  1. To initiate an effective cooperation both domestic and international and to develop international program for the institution by motivating IPB to go international

  2. To promote the  development of Science and Technology to the strategic partners both domestic and foreign.

  3. To coordinate working units within the institution and as a clearance house in the development of cooperation both domestic and foreign.

  4. To increase and prepare program that encourage IPB to go international

  5. To facilitate and prepare necessary travel documents for teaching and additional staffs who will travel abroad and facilitate the arrangement of document, administration and migration for expatriates (student, research staff, lectures)

  6. To develop the cluster for international cooperation for the working unit.

  7. To coordinate scholarship for the regional selected (BUD)


  1. To require information on national and international cooperation

  2. To require information on international scholarship programs

  3. Experienced in initiating the variety of national and international cooperation both in the private / or government section

  4. Experienced in organizing scholarship program for the regional selected (promotion, networking, and student enrollment)

  5. Obtain a broad network of cooperation

  6. Administration service/travel documents for ipb staf on leave (abroad) and for foreigners in ipb (students, research staffs, lectures)


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