Directorate of Business Development is responsible for developing IPB’s established successful businesses and commercial income streams based on the IPB’s expertise. In addition this Directorate is also responsible for identifying and securing new opportunities.


  1. Implementing master key action plans of IPB and development of business partnerships;
  2. Drafting and developing of business management systems and partnerships;
  3. Establishing networking and business partnerships with stakeholders (government institutions, private companies, and general public);
  4. Identifying and securing the strategic business partnership;  
  5. Developing the capabilities for entrepreneurs and auxiliary ventures;
  6. Monitoring and evaluating of business activities and partnerships; and
  7. Responsible for coordinating and developing the Supporting Business Unit (SUA), Commercial Business Unit (SUK) and the Academic Business Unit (SUA).

Organizational Structure:

Dr.Ir. Yusli Wardiatno, M.Sc.

Head of Sub-Directorate for Business Management:
Dr.Ir. Heri Ahmad Sukria, M.Sc.Agr.

Head of Sub-Directorate for Business Development:
Dr.drh. Chusnul Choliq, MS, MM

Office Address :
2nd Floor of Andi Hakim Nasoetion Building
Dramaga Campus, Bogor 16680
Telephone       :  0251-0251-8624670
Facsimile        :  0251-8624670
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