Commercial Business Unit (CBU) is a business units that can use the facilities and scientific assetts of IPB. The commercial business units are separately operated from are operalid separately from the institutional activities. IPB has developed PT. Bogor Life Sciences and Technology (BLST) as a holding company for IPB.

Commercial Business Units are targeted to be income generating activities for the institution in line with the efforts for improving academic standards. There are 17 physical assets in IPB that can be managed to generate income. For example, Campus IPB in Taman Kencana is planned to be come Health and Herbal Center, Campus IPB in Baranangsiang is projected to be a Campus of Executive Programs and commercial activities, Campus IPB in Gunung Gede is projected to be a Campus of Economics and the Management Studies or a Business Center and Agribusiness, Campus IPB in Cilibende is projected to be a Campus of Polytechnic. The campuses will be devoted to the operation of income generating activities, in line with the movement of all Faculties to the main campus in Darmaga. the Jonggol Farm of 250 hectares is selected to be a cattle-producing ranch and horticultural farm.

Academic Enterprise Unit provides activities on production or experties services related to science, technology and arts deveploment. it could be a teaching unit or research unit which involve lecturers and student.

Academic Business Unit activities.
  • Fisheries Processing Unit, Departement of Aquatic Product Technology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science.
  • Animal Husbadry Processing Unit, Department of Animal Production and Tecnology,Faculty Animal Sci ence.
  • PT. Fits Mandiri, Department of Food Science and Technology,Faculty of Agricultural Technology.
  • PT. Agritech Global Cemerlang, Department of Agroindustrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology.
  • Hide Processing Unit, Department of Agroindustrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology.
  • Processing Unit, Department of Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry.
  • PT Biofarindo, Center for Biopharmacy.
  • Mushroom Processing Unit, Department of Biology, Faculty of Math and Natural Science.   
  • The Auxiliary Enterprise is a business unit which provide good, services and trading, which intended to be public services as stewardship of the academia.  Most of the activities are related to provide daily necessities, in order to ease and support  academic and its supporting activities.
Auxiliary Enterprise Activities:
  • AMARILIS Guest House
  • Book Store
  • Gymnasium, sport facilities
  • Canteen, food court
  • Fotocopy outlets
  • Internet  and computer service
  • Etc