Holding the tasks of arranging, planning, coordinating, implementing, and evaluating the activities in managing and developing archives and archival aspects of IPB.


  1. Planning, monitoring, controlling and operating archive services;
  2. Coaching and developing archivists,
  3. Planning, monitoring, controlling and maintaining archives, archive facilities and infrastructure,
  4. Planning, monitoring, controlling and implementing the addition of archives,
  5. Formulating and developing the filing system,
  6. Developing the cooperation network of archives/ and
  7. Advocating with archival aspects at IPB level.

Organization of the Archives Unit consists of:

  1. Head
  2. Sub-Division of Archive Acquisition and Processing
  3. Sub-Division of Archive Services and Development, and
  4. Administration

Persons in Charge of the Archive Unit

Head of Archive Unit: Drs. Badollahi Mustafa, M.Lib

Head of Archive Acquisition and Processing: Dra. Sri Nooryani

Head of Archives Services and Development: Ir. Setyo Edy Susanto

Website: http://arsip.ipb.ac.id