Mastery of mathematics to solve problems by using mathematical concepts and techniques in analysis and problem solving in various applied fields, especially industrial problems (research, operations), actuarial finance, dynamic system modelling, utilizing computational techniques, information technology in analysis and problem solving large.

Center of Excellence
The Major Mathematics curriculum is structured with the aim of showing beauty, attractiveness, and mathematical strength. The curriculum is gradual, stimulates the power of creation and desire, so students find mathematics as an interesting, full of beauty, and can be applied in many fields such as research, operations, modeling, computing, and actuarial.

According to CareerCast, Forbex, and Fortune, 6 of the 10 best jobs are data experts, actuaries, computer systems analysts, mathematicians, software engineers, and statistics. Mathematics offers very diverse career opportunities. A Bachelor of Mathematics can have a career in various fields that require strong quantitative analysis and abilities, such as education, research, insurance / actuarial, finance / banking, investment, sales research, information technology, management, operations research, and of course you can continue your studies to postgraduate level.

Tuition Fee