• Activities consist of lectures and practical activities of college.
  • One academic year of operation of lectures divided into two semesters, which is odd semester and even semester stipulated in the academic calendar established by the Rector.
  • Selama kuliah atau praktikum berlangsung, peserta dan dosen/asisten tidak diperkenankan merokok dan atau melakukan tindakan lain yang dapat mengganggu kelancaran perkuliahan.
  • Place and time of lectures arranged by the schedule set by the faculty lectures.
  • Left lecture starts at 07.00 till 18.00. In certain circumstances with the blessing of the Dean, the courses can be done until 22:00
  • Participants lectures are considered valid if the list of participants lectures published by the Faculty / Study Program.
  • All students are required to attend a minimum of 80 percent of the total hrs are scheduled at the semester.
  • All students are required to attend all hours of practicum are scheduled at the semester.
  • Students who are unable to follow the lectures very important reason must submit written notification to the lecturer concerned at the latest on the day of the next lecture, and then ask for a license does not follow the lecture to the Vice Dean or Director of the TPB by attaching a statement or supporting evidence.
  • If the above conditions are not met then the student is considered negligent follow the lecture.
  • Students are required to be present at the lecture hall before classes begin.
  • Students who arrive late after classes begin must request permission from the lecturer before entering the lecture hall.
  • Students who came more than 15 minutes after the lecture begins are not allowed to enter the lecture room and is considered negligent follow-hour lectures on the relevant lectures.
  • Students who attended the lecture courses must fill out an attendance list. Sign attend the lecture made in two, one for faculty and one for the Division of Education or the Executive Administration Faculty of Education. Students who fail do not fill in the attendance list is considered negligent follow-hour lectures on the relevant lectures.
  • During the course students are required to dress neatly and shoes in accordance with the norms of civility, decency, and regulations. In particular room wearing apparel, footwear, and other attributes in accordance with its allocation (Rector's Decree No: 119/K13.12.1/KM/1999).
  • During the course students are prohibited from conducting activities that may interfere with the course lectures and peace of other students.
  • Lecturers gave a warning to students who disrupt classes, and the right to remove the student from the room lecture when students continue to interrupt the lecture.
  • Students who for the most urgent needs were forced to leave the lecture on time lectures take place must request permission from the lecturer.

Course Repeat

  • Course re-re is the participation of students in a lecture to a particular course in a regular semester, have been followed in previous regular semester.
  • Provisions re-division courses for students are as follows:
    1. Mandatory for students who obtain the final value of E for compulsory subjects, with repetition as much as possible up to two times the period of study. If after following two classes re-fixed to obtain the value of E for compulsory subjects, the student concerned excluded from the IPB.
    2. Can be followed by students who obtain the final value D with the approval of the responsible faculty subjects.
    3. The distance of time between semesters at the time of taking college courses early by taking the two should not be repeated more than 4 semesters.
  • Students who obtain the final value of E for elective courses, may cancel this value by submitting in writing to the Vice Dean I so value is not included in the transcript and not included in the calculation of GPA.
  • All values included in the transcript except for item (3). Values for the lecture re-marked with asterisks. 

Course Semester Course Packs

  • Lectures over the semester is a lecture that was conducted in between the two semesters.
  • Lectures over the semester for a particular subject can be held with the consent of the responsible course lecturer and head of study program with the following conditions:
    1. Students who follow the lectures over the semester are required to pay additional costs beyond the tuition according to the requirements set by the IPB, except for the cost of lab work prescribed by the relevant study program. The minimum number of students per class over the semester in lectures re-assigned by the lecturers responsible for courses with the approval of head of study program and the Dean's knowledge.
    2. The value obtained in the course over the semester will be calculated on the next odd semester.