Mastery of sociology, anthropology, population, politics, communication, human ecology, education-counselling, and community development to encourage community empowerment.

Center of Excellence
Able to apply scientific theory and methodology in the field of communication and community development to analyze community problems, develop communication management and community empowerment activities that prioritize self-reliance and have insight into agricultural development. This Study Program has obtained national accreditation from BAN PT with an A value and is internationally accredited by AUN-QA.


  • Planners and organizers of Corporate Social Responsibility programs in both national and multi-national companies engaged in the agriculture, forestry, plantation, banking, industrial, energy and mining sectors.
  • Activists in actions of empowerment, community development and poverty alleviation carried out by government agencies, donor agencies, or non-governmental organizations, Consultants on Social Issues.
  • Policy planners and organizers of agricultural extension programs, business communications, mass communication and development communications.
  • Researchers in research institutions and / or lecturers in universities, as well as regional and central government officials.
  • Journalists or journalists in print or electronic media.
  • Quality human resources in information technology companies, internet provider companies; science production houses, television stations, event organizers, and public relations.

Tuition Fee