Hongkong, November 27, 2019

People say, there are people who are famous because of the media. There are also people who are great because of work. It can also be famous and large because both of them. We have commemorated Heroes' Day. Is the hero remembered for his popularity in the media or is it remembered for his work? The work does not only refer to tangible products. The work can refer to thoughts and actions. The work is called great if it brings change to progress. Heroes of independence have a great work of thoughts and actions in the context of the struggle for independence. There is a struggle through the mass movement whether armed or not, there is also an intellectual movement and economic movement. Now is no longer the era of the struggle for independence. Now is the era of gratitude for independence. Grateful for independence the best is with a historical work. Historical works will always inspire. What does this new era hero look like?

According to KBBI, a hero means a person who is respected for courage, or a person who is admired for his skills and achievements. According to Oxford Dictionaries, the hero is "a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities". Everyone can be a hero. The key is courage, extraordinary achievements and benefits for others. Read More






Bogor October 26th , 2019

Happy Youth Pledge Day. This momentum is important to explore the values of the struggle of young people in the early 20th century. Their sincerity to take off regional clothes and ethnicity to unite to become Indonesia has an infinite value. Oath one blood, one nation and uphold the Indonesian language of unity. It's not an easy thing to be able to continue to care for unity amidst diversity like this for 91 years.

There was something interesting when comedian Ari Kriting came to IPB University and stressed that caring for diversity is not easy. Developed countries alone may not be able to do that. America until the 1960s was still racist. White exclusive rights do not belong to blacks or African Americans, Native Americans and Hispanics.
Only after Martin Luther King Jr. burning 250 thousand people who gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963 with his famous speech "I have a dream", then American racism began to fade. It reads something like this: "I dream that someday my four children will live in a country that does not judge someone based on their skin color but on their character". In Indonesia, national awareness with ethnic equality has grown since 1928. America only began to realize in the 1960s.

Encouraging an economic growth is not as difficult as encouraging a well-preserved ethnic diversity in unity. This is Indonesia's achievement even though economically it is not as advanced as it is but successfully taking care of diversity. Caring for diversity is caring for humans and this is actually a great civilization. Namely a civilization that glorifies human values. Only with high human values can caring for diversity be successful. Only with high humanity can tolerance be maintained. This is the great thing about Indonesia, where the people continue to humanize human beings that keep us united. We must be proud of the sincerity of all of us to continue to unite. Read More





Goettingen, 17 September 2019


All days are important. But today feels more important because it becomes a momentum to realize that by the increasing age, the opportunity in life is reduced. Therefore there is no other way but to make life more meaningful.

What is a meaningful life? Meaningful life means the increase of output and impact per unit of time in our lives. Impact to who? of course to the others and the universe. Meaningful life is life that is beneficial to others because of the words of the Prophet: khoirunnaas anfa'ahum linnaas, which means that the best of humans is ones who bring benefit for others. The song of "Anugerah" that I created a few years ago tells about it, about the contemplation of aging.

In order for life to be meaningful, then the rest of life must be filled by thankfulness by increasing footprints that have a greater impact wherever we are and in any position. If you are grateful, surely We will increase you (in favor) (QS Ibrahim 7).  Read More







1st September 2019  (Material delivered to Dies Natalis IPB, IPB University Dramaga Campus)


Congratulations on the 56th Anniversary of IPB today, September 1, 2019. We are grateful that our age has increased, of course, achievements must also increase. Every second of age is an opportunity to increase achievement. Our existence in the future is very dependent on the utilization of our second increase in time. Existence can grow linearly, it can also grow exponentially, but it can also "nyungsep". It all depends on the quality of our time utilization. If we consider time as an opportunity to grow, then there is no other way than day to day thinking and act smart to capture opportunities. Meanwhile, if we add time we consider as a burden, then there is anxiety every time. This is exactly what he was anxious about during the 2 × 15 minute extension of the football match because he was more afraid of conceding goals than optimism to actually add goals.

The existence of IPB until now has benefited from the people in it who utilize the added time very well and proactive attitude. If we study the journey of IPB so far since its establishment in 1963, there are three factors causing the success of IPB, namely INSPIRATION, INNOVATION, and INTEGRITY. Read More





Bogor, May 5th, 2019
(Material delivered to Tausiyah at Al Hurriyah Mosque, IPB University Dramaga Campus)


Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan.  How do we interpret the wisdom of fasting in multi dimensions?  At least there are four important dimensions of the results of doing Ramadan fasting at both individual and social levels, namely the dimensions of spiritual intelligence, physical intelligence, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence.

First, is the dimension of spiritual intelligence, which emphasizes the importance of a transcendental divine relationship.  The foundation of fasting is faith and indeed fasting is commanded only to those who believe so the sound of QS Al Baqarah 183 is "Yaa Ayyuhalladzi na aamanu" and not "yaa ayyuhal muslimun".  Therefore the intention of fasting should be based on faith.  As the Hadith of the Prophet said "Whoever fasts for faith and sincerity will be forgiven of his previous sins".  So faith is the main capital of fasting, and fasting is also intended to increase faith.  With fasting, the capital of faith will continue to grow.  The mechanism of increasing faith is reflected in the intensity of worship demands during the month of Ramadan: the multiplication of sunnah prayers, tadarus al quran, i'tikaf, and dzikir.  Read More




Realizing IPB University as Techno-Socio Entrepreneurial University

April 2019 (IPB Branding)

The Long-Term Plan of the IPB university is the realization of IPB University as a Techno-Socio Entrepreneurial University. Through the new view of IPB 4.0 with the tagline Race in Excellence to Shape IPB Future and Program Emphasis in 2019, namely the Excellent Innovation Ecosystem, the direction of the development of IPB University is very much in line with the strategic issues we are facing today. There are two challenges that are our main concern at present. First, the global community is facing the problems of the food, energy, and environmental crisis, which then have a further impact on the quality of human life. Responding to this problem, the United Nations (UN) endorsed the global goals contained in the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) which were prepared through the agreement of leaders of countries in the world. Read More