IPB University requires first-year students to live in campus dormitories. This regulation is motivated by various region of origin of IPB University students. With broad ethnical and cultural diversity, IPB University can be said as a miniature of Indonesia. This cultural diversity was then managed by IPB University through social engineering in the form of compulsory dormitory policies for new students. Various cultures of the archipelago that is attached in student of the dormitory make new students of IPB University have superior characters that will be very beneficial for their lives in the future. The dormitory can be the second home for the students. Many friends and dormitory assistant (senior residents) are ready to help students to face academic and non-academic problems.

There are three objectives of this dormitory’s mandatory policy. First, the adaptation of a diverse cultures, characters and economic backgrounds. Second, improving academic achievement due to the adaptation of the living environment around the campus and thirdly the Multi Culture Academic Development Program (PPAMB), academic and non-academic, mental, and spiritual formation.

Beside first year dormitory, IPB also have Sylvapinus Dormitory and Dramaga Girl Dormitory that intended for 2nd year students up to 4th year students. Those dormitories not only providing a housing for the residents, but also providing academic and non-academic guidance that can enhance a soft skill of the residents. Other than that, social soul of the student also trained with dormitory involvement in various students’ social activities whether inside or in area around campus.