Mastery of basic science and technology in the field of biology that underlies the management and development of biodiversity and the environment.

Center of Excellence
The advantages of the biology department of Faculty of Mathematics and Nature Sciences are mainly on the development of molecular biology of biotechnology and biodiversity of organisms based on studies. The Science is based on genetics, contentology, cell biology, biosystematics and bioprospection for the management and development of technology in agriculture, health, industry and finance.

Lecturers at public and private universities; state-owned companies and national private companies mainly engaged in the biotechnology, agriculture, beverage and food health industry; researchers in research centres, both public and private in the fields of biology, biotechnology, agriculture, health and the environment; teacher in high school and tutoring; researchers / analysts in hospitals, clinical laboratories and the like; consultant in the fields of biology, agriculture and environment; entrepreneur.

Tuition Fee