ANALOGUE RICE: Alternative Food Replacement for Rice



Prof. Dr. Ir. Slamet Budijanto, M.Sc



Analog Rice functions as an alternative food substitute for rice so that it can be used as a diversified food product. The physical form that resembles rice grains can help consumers psychologically to feel like eating rice from paddy.



  • The composition of raw materials can be adjusted according to the health needs of consumers
  • Has a low glycemic index so that it slowly increases blood sugar levels
  • Healthy for diabetics
  • Nutrition can be adjusted
  • Using local raw materials



Analog Rice is an alternative food substitute for rice, shaped like a grain of rice from rice. Analog rice is made in the industry by utilizing food ingredients that grow abundantly in Indonesia such as sago, sorghum and corn. In terms of taste and cooking method, Analog rice is not much different from ordinary rice, but the color is not as white as rice from rice. In addition, unlike ordinary rice, Analog Rice is more durable and does not need to be washed when it is cooked.

Analog Rice is created to meet personal nutritional needs and can be adapted to the health conditions of consumers. The nutritional content and composition of the ingredients can be adjusted to the local raw materials of the region. Likewise, carbohydrate sources can be obtained from cassava flour, sweet potatoes, taro, arrowroot, canna, hotong, and sago palm sugar. Sources of protein can be added from soy flour, kidney beans, or other types of beans. Fiber can be obtained from bran.

This innovative product of IPB has been marketed at outlets of the IPB Commercial Business Unit such as Agrimart, Botani Mart, Serambi Botani and also through e-commerce online.


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