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Sunday, April 28 2019 Royale Jakarta Golf Club Rector IPB University Cup and Charity Golf Tournament "Education for Pseudo Towards 1000 Scholarships"
Saturday, May 18, 2019 Alumni Mosque Break Fasting and Compensation for 1000 Orphans and Dhuafa Children
Tuesday, May 28, 2019 Dramaga IPB University Campus Free Homecoming for IPB University students
September 2019 IPB University Blood Donation and Rare Tree Planting Simultaneously in 25 Cities in Order to Enliven the Anniversary of IPB
October 2019  Andi Hakim Nasoetion Hall National Alumni Jamboree of IPB University




Past Event 

IPB University Alumni Presents Park for Almamater

Alumni of the IPB University from batches 26 and 27 made two parks at the Dramaga Bogor IPB University Campus.  The park handover event was held at the Dramaga IPB University Campus, Bogor (13/4). According to the Vice Rector for Cooperation and Information Systems of IPB University, Prof. Dr.  Dodik Nurrochmat, IPB Alumni Park is the result of collaboration between IPB University alumni and the Directorate of Alumni Cooperation and Relations.  There are two stages of garden work. the first stage of work were done in 2018 located in the Common Class Room (CCR) and in front of Graha Widya Wisuda (GWW).  Whereas the second phase will be built this year from alumni from various generations.


YAPI Provides Scholarships for 1,000 IPB Students

 (Yayasan Alumni Peduli Institut Pertanian Bogor, YAPI IPB) targets to be able to provide 1,000 scholarships for underprivileged IPB students. The Foundation was established in November 11 2016. So far YAPI has given the scholarship funds for 300 students.


HA IPB and Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture Hold National Consolidation of Indonesian Agricultural Students

IPB University Alumni Association (Himpunan Alumni Institut Pertanian Bogor, HA IPB) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia and the IPB Student Executive Board (BEM) held a National Consolidation of Indonesian Agricultural Students (21-23 / 11) at the Ciawi Agricultural Management and Leadership Training Center (Pusat Pelatihan Manajemen dan Kepemimpinan Pertanian, PPMKP), Bogor Regency , West Java. This activity aims to train numerous agricultural students throughout Indonesia to map and profile the implementation of the Ministry of Agriculture's strategic priority programs.


Charity Golf Tournament "Education for All, Towards 1000 Scholarships"

IPB University Alumni Association (Himpunan Alumni Institut Pertanian Bogor HA IPB) once again held a Charity Golf Tournament to compete for the IPB University Rector’s Cup (Piala Rektor Institut Pertanian Bogor), followed by around 200 participants, 23/2.


The 2nd National Meeting (Rakernas) of the Bogor Agricultural University Alumni Association

IPB University Alumni Association (HA IPB) held the 2nd national meeting (Rakernas) on 22-23 / 2 at the IPB Alumni Building, Bogor. This National Meeting is to finalize the leading programs that will be implemented during 2019.


HA IPB Launches "Tanah Air" Magazine

IPB University Alumni Association (Himpunan Alumni Institut Pertanian Bogor HA IPB) launched the magazine "Tanah Air Ku" in the momentum of the 2nd National Meeting (Rakernas) at the IPB Alumni Building

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Titian Muhibah

IPB University signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a number of Malaysian and Indonesian companies in Kuala Lumpur. The agreement took place at the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday (7/3) in the Titian Muhibah event, a collaboration between IPB, the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Cultury Attaché in Kuala Lumpur, the Central Board of Governors (DPP) of IPB Alumni Association (HA IPB), and HA IPB Malaysia Regional Leadership Council (DPD)

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Love Ciliwung Joint Action Movement

SEAMEO BIOTROP collaborated with Central Leader Committee (DPP) IPB Alumnae Association held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with a theme : “Building Synergy and Management Collaboration Ciliwung River: Love Ciliwung Joint Action Movement” in Gedung Alumni IPB, Pajajaran Street, Bogor, 05/04

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