IPB was built on 1 September 1963 as the form of visionary thinking from the leader of nation and they who were care about the agricultural university that this great nation had a world-class university with the competence in the field of agriculture, bioscience, and various fields related. This was intended for strengthening food security, bioenergy, job creation, poverty alleviation, and preserving the environment. The inception of IPB on 1 September 1963 based on the decision of Minister of Higher Education and Science (PTIP) No. 92/1963 which was then approved by the First President of RI with the Decision of No. 279/1965.

Logo IPB

IPB Symbol based on "Peraturan Pemerintah Republik Indonesia Nomor 66 Tahun 2013 Tentang Statuta Institut Pertanian Bogor"

Organization :

  1. Overview
  2. Vission and Mission
  3. Objectives and Motto
  4. Symbol and Flag
  5. List of Organizational Structure
  6. Organizational Structure
  7. Strategic Plan of IPB 2008-2013
  8. Strategic Plan of IPB 2014-2018
  9. Statuta IPB
  10. 7 Budaya IPB
  11. Rencana Kerja IPB 2014
  12. Rencana Kerja IPB 2015
  13. Laporan Neraca Keuangan 2013
  14. Laporan Neraca Keuangan, Aktivitas, dan Arus Kas IPB 2014
  15. Laporan Aktivitas Keuangan IPB 2012 dan 2013
  16. Rencana dan Realisasi Pengeluaran 2013
  17. Peraturan Pemerintah Republik Indonesia Nomor 53 Tahun 2010 Tentang Disiplin Pegawai Negeri Sipil
  18. IPB Profile 2014
  19. IPB Assets Data 2014
  20. Hymne IPB