GFM Alumni Grand Gathering, 'Traces of Inspiration: Flashback for Inspire'

Welcoming the 60th Anniversary of IPB University, the Agrometeorology Student Association (Himagreto) held the 44th Grand Gathering of Alumni of the Department of Geophysics and Meteorology (GFM). This activity is also a form of celebration of Himagreto's Anniversary.

Exactly on September 7 2023, Himagreto IPB University will be 44 years old. The Department of Geophysics and Meteorology, formerly known as Agrometeorology, was established in 1979 under the Department of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture. The name was then changed to the Department of Geophysics and Meteorology in 1981 under the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) until today.

This activity with the theme 'Traces of Inspiration: Flashback for Inspire' is a form of grand reunion of the GFM IPB University Department. This activity was also filled with sharing sessions delivered by successful alumni from various agencies, both government, academics and industry.

From government institutions, there was Dr Yeli Sarvina, an alumnus of GFM class 38. She is a researcher at the Agroclimate and Hydrology Research Institute (Balitklimat). In the world of business and industry (DUDI), the sharing session was presented by Muhammad Affan Ghafar Maulana, SSi. The GFM class 52 alumnus is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ASIA Data and Software Development, PT HASO and Digital Strategist at International NGO Tokyo, Japan.

Prof Irzaman, one of the alumni who had a successful career as an academic, also did not fail to present his impressions and messages while studying at the GFM Department of IPB University. Ir Andi Alifwansyah, MM, alumnus of class 19 also explained a glimpse of the flashback of the GFM journey.

Dean of FMIPA IPB University, Dr Berry Juliandi on that occasion said, "FMIPA IPB University is currently strengthening alumni relations. "We also have many alumni empowerment programs, such as alumni spin-off projects, scholarship endowment funds, and alumni back to campus."

Nor Sholekhah Damayanti, MSi as Deputy General Chair of the Management Board of the FMIPA IPB University Alumni Association Commissariat emphasized the importance of tracking alumni data. According to him, this is very necessary to improve tracer studies.

"By holding the 44th GFM IPB University Alumni Grand Meeting, we can see flashbacks and developments from Agrometeorology to the current GFM Department. "It is hoped that this activity can increase brotherhood to expand networks and be able to become a forum for friendship between lecturers, students, education staff and alumni," said Dr Muh Taufik, Secretary of the GFM IPB University Department when giving his speech.

He revealed that this year's event was very lively because it was filled with entertainment from alumni and the distribution of various door prizes from alumni to the participants who attended.

“Happy birthday to the GFM Department and Himagreto. "Hopefully this alumni gathering event can continue in the following years better and more lively," said the Chair of Himagreto IPB University, Okta Rian Lisdi. (*/Rz) (IAAS/Res)

Published Date : 18-Sep-2023

Resource Person : Dr Berry Juliandi, Nor Sholekhah Damayanti, MSi, Dr Muh Taufik, Okta Rian Lisdi

Keyword : GFM IPB Department, Himagreto IPB, IPB alumni